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    Rate my additives PLEASE

    I've used dark energy in the past quite a bit, but holy @#$% it STINKS up the whole house! But it does work. Especially during those growth spurts! From my exp...right when ya notice yur plants starting to take off...give them a dose of the Dark energy!
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    DWC RDWC no water chiller, best temp to keep room?

    MASTERCHEESERS RIGHT. and IMHO ( AND FROM EXP) 65f would be just fine for room temp. Especially if your running 18/6 w/ lighting. the reason is the lower temps during the dark cycle will help keep the res temps actually lower than the rooms ambient temp. I myselfrun a RDWC/Aeroponic hybrid...
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    Plant Nutrition and Visual Diagnosis

    Great thread bro! Good info, and handy charts!
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    My first hydro run!

    High To all here on THC! Im new to the hydro scene and just recently got going on a DWC project after much research. Ive read many hours of great info/tips on this site< and I cant wait to learn more from all the members here. I hope to have pics of my op up soon and get to sharing this new...
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    UC is soooo simple

    thats awesome!
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