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  1. Unit541

    What is happening?!

    That super-hard tap-water is certainly jacking with your nutrient ratios but... looking at those photos, it's hard to believe your PH is correct. Check that PH in the root mass - don't just check it in your res and assume you're good to go, I guarantee the PH in your buckets varies from the PH...
  2. Unit541

    JACKS BACK!!! Capulators new formulas.

    Couldn't agree more. I don't actually measure anything anymore for this reason. I just watch EC as I'm adding each component. For example, if I'm targeting 600ppm, add 5-12-26 until I reach 360ppm (.5 scale), then add the CalNit until I reach 600. This is marginally more accurate anyway...
  3. Unit541

    JACKS BACK!!! Capulators new formulas.

    Dissolve 220g of 5-12-26 into 32 oz water. Dissolve 148g of Calcium Nitrate into 32 oz of water. Now you have two stock solutions. 10ml per gallon of each will give you an EC of about 1.2 (600ppm on .5 scale). If you want to include Epsom salt for extra mag, dissolve 72.6g of epsom salt into...
  4. Unit541

    Diy Auto Curing System

    Ummm... Am I missing something? Boveda packs are cheap.
  5. Unit541

    Ever Heard Of 40-50% Thc Strains?

    Oh yeah THAT guy! I grew out his strongest, there was no plant. It's just a giant trichome, had it lab tested here in Colorado, and it came out to 104.7% THC.
  6. Unit541

    Pm And Spider Mites In 5th Week Of Flower

    ^^^ this. There is certainly always a way to protect your grow. These battles are not hard to win, but the "fighting" takes place before the infestation occurs. It's measures taken, and decisions made from the beginning that have the greatest impact on any crops success, failure, or degree of...
  7. Unit541

    Pm And Spider Mites In 5th Week Of Flower

    This thread blows my mind. Frankly, after the pictures, I'm astonished there are any recommendations here other than startthefuckover. Garlic and peppers? That'll make for some super smooth and great tasting bud... It's not giving up too easy, it's surrendering to reality. You can throw all...
  8. Unit541

    Squiggly Moves To Colorado

    Welcome home brother... lemme know when you find the "lucrative" lol.
  9. Unit541

    What Might Be Causing Ph To Drop In The Rootzone?

    So... how do the plants look? Do yourself a huge favor, and forget all of these things you have "heard". If you're plants look healthy, make sure the ph of your feed water is dialed, and don't concern yourself with anything else. With coco, going down this road generally leads to real...
  10. Unit541

    Looking For New Nutrient Line To Try Out

    Speaking of Jacks, my experience has also been positive running the 10-30-20 bloom booster exclusively from veg to harvest. Must add your own calcium, but it's a lot easier to mix than the 5-12-26 + calNit especially if you're in a bit of a hurry.
  11. Unit541

    Cannabis And Insomnia

    If I let my Sour Bubble go 11 weeks, staying awake after a bowl is the hardest thing I've ever tried to do.
  12. Unit541

    Is This A Phosphorous Deficiency? Nitrogen Toxicity?

    I don't use anything you have mentioned. I feed Jacks + Cal Nitrate at .8 to 1.2 ec in veg, 1 to 1.5 ec in flower. I do hit them with Jacks 10-30-20 for like week 2 and 3 of bloom, then back to regular feed.
  13. Unit541

    Is This A Phosphorous Deficiency? Nitrogen Toxicity?

    Checked for build up in the coco? Can do this sort of thing... accelerates as the plants get bigger because they draw water faster, concentrating salts faster. I too, grow in 1 gal. fabric pots and coco. The plants get huge, and I water every 1-3 hours depending on density.
  14. Unit541

    Looking For New Nutrient Line To Try Out

    I'm still rockin jacks too... Spent like $120 back in 2013 and I'm only about half-way through.
  15. Unit541

    Top 5 Breeders?

    Tried and true right here. I am with you on these my man... and have to add BOG to the list. When I'm looking for new beans, I'll generally stick to those breeders that were around before Instagram.
  16. Unit541

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

  17. Unit541

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Indeed this one is special for sure. The results:
  18. Unit541

    Optimal PH in Coco?

    Isn't it odd, how all the info on the inter-webs doesn't always line up with reality? Yes, the net will tell you treat coco just like hydro. Experience will then teach you to treat it like something between hydro and dirt. For me, 6.0 to 6.4 is the ticket. I always target 6.0 in veg, and in...
  19. Unit541

    Anyone Transplant Soil To Hydro?

    Bad idea, more work and stress on the plant than its worth. You'll be flowering sooner with a healthier plant if you just take a clone or two from the plant and run the clone(s) in hydro. Also, just an observation here... if you're asking this type of question, you may want to consider...
  20. Unit541

    Highest Thc Seeds I Can Get

    I wouldn't put too much stock in these numbers, especially here in Colorado. The lab testing is a joke, with a disclosed margin for error of +/- 15%. That "28%" could actually be 13% and the result still be considered "valid". What's more, is the samples to be tested are carefully selected...
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