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    Mylar sheeting or white walls?

    i guess just like everything else it just breaks down to personal preferences. maybe try both, and see which you prefer. thats usually what i do when everyones opinion is confusing me.
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    *Papa Kush's FIRST GROW Diary*

    im with jlve! where the hells that dragonian from? some solid genetics.... lovin yor taste in girlies mayne.
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    gaud of the gods

    hahaha. more like freestyle haiku. somehow it actually does rhyme when im flowin though. thanks for the warm welcome regardless how shattastic my bars are.
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    Stephanie Landa

    snowkitty>> thanks so much, tell her im on it. the ASA is a godsend. Do you think they would be able to arrange a visit?
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    gaud of the gods

    see me posted on the block my cds in my backpack movin em like they push that wieght whats wieght? thats packs. and thats that. cash no plastic. betta move around cause this freestyle have ya on ya ass quick. thanks for havin me yall, lookin forward to makin yall family.
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    Mylar sheeting or white walls?

    i always feel like suck a dummy trying to fuck with mylar. i hate that shit. all the times ive used it, ive quit now for a couple years, and dont even notice the difference. dont waste your time.
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    Blooming Bud swelling Nutes - What's your pick?

    huge fan of big bud, been wonderin about headmasta, is it worth the money?
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    Does CO2 reduce growing times

    ive never had c02 do anything for my harvest times. harvest weights, yes however.
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    Problem with some leaves on my plants

    sounds about right to me man. chicken poo werks, or calmag.
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    Online headshop

    ive used edit for a while now, no problems ever.
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    Using Superthrive

    just like everybody else, i drop a gal, and i stop about a week to ten days before i flower them.
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    Flourecents or metal halide during veg

    theres so many factors bro, the problem with the mh is the heat issue. the light isnt making them stretch, the distance the light is from the plants is causin them to stretch. my babies dont stretch one bit ever. and i swear by metal halide. including durin flowering.
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    Moving: leaving everything behind, moving to a strange new land to pick up the pieces

    like my man up there, im in the midwest, or id love to help you with your animals.ive been in a position similar to yours, keep your head high bro, things will look up. oregon is a beautiful state, and its easy to make things happen out there these days.
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    Stephanie Landa

    thats a really good thing you guys have going on here. im gonna write her asap. is there a fund we can donate to or something as well?
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    What are you listening to right now?

    rich the factor, dank smoke, a little bit o trae and zro
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    Price of good bud in other countries

    200 a zip? yall are lucky! some kids are payin 450 for zones of mk ultras. shit is tight as hell out here.
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