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  1. crazycatwoman

    Room for Medical Patients In Oregon

    Hello All! It has been at least four years since I was last on this group. I'am posting as we are still growing medical . If anyone needs a grower we have room for a couple people. I had one of my Portland patients pack up about two years ago and move to Chicago, Illinois. What a move I bet that...
  2. crazycatwoman

    Looking For Grower In Lane County

    That is bull shit. Are you a grower? Do you own your property? I grow for three people including myself. My husband grows for three people and himself. It takes alot of work and money and time to produce. All the people we grow have been with us for years. And, not one has left. That speaks...
  3. crazycatwoman

    A Medical Grower Can Still Use A Couple Cards

    do you have a e-mail or phone number that my friend could reach you at? His grow is in Selma. Thanks, Cat
  4. crazycatwoman

    Looking For Grower In Lane County

    Did you find a grower yet?
  5. crazycatwoman

    Any Growers Of Cherry Pie In Oregon?

    I grow cherry pie. Got the strain from Washington. Don't have any clones right now but will be taking cutting in late August. Cat
  6. crazycatwoman

    Pdx Patient Seeking Grower

    Have you found a grower yet?
  7. crazycatwoman

    A Medical Grower Can Still Use A Couple Cards

    A friend of mine who is a experience grower is setting up a new medical grow and has room for two cards. If your looking for someone who is good and who is honest let me know and I can put you in touch with him. Todays date is June 27, 2016. And this offer for him to grow should be good untill...
  8. crazycatwoman

    Where Is The Most Weed Grown In Oregon

    Well in Southern Oregon in the most northern portion of the Golden Triangle of course. Illinois valley is pretty nice if you can deal with the the tweekers. Shoot over their heads and they get the picture.............
  9. crazycatwoman

    Southern Oregon Grower Has Room For One Paitent

    My husband and myself are OMMP growers along with other family members. We are in Southern Oregon. We grow for ourselves and several other people. We have one paient in the Portland area and several more down here. We currently have room for one more paient. We grow many strains that my son...
  10. crazycatwoman


    I am a medical grower for myself and for three other people in Southern Oregon. I am a little confused as to weather I can grow 4 planets for my recreational use as it soon will be legal in Oregon in July. I guess my question is, can I grow medical and still grow my 4 allowable recreationl pot...
  11. crazycatwoman

    Looking For Huckleberry Strain In Oregon

    A few years back I got ahold of a Huckleberry/Trinty strain that was killer! Am looking for that strain again or just a pure Huckleberry would do too. Contact me if you have any clones for this spring planting or any time really . Would like to have the strain back. OMMP grower and paitent
  12. crazycatwoman

    Havent been on the THC farmer site for some time. Life sometimes gets crazy. I am back now and...

    Havent been on the THC farmer site for some time. Life sometimes gets crazy. I am back now and will check in more often.
  13. crazycatwoman

    Hey there ! I might have a opening for another person or two possibly if your still looking for...

    Hey there ! I might have a opening for another person or two possibly if your still looking for a grower.
  14. crazycatwoman

    packed up my stuff and looking for a new home

    Welcome you are home! Purrs.........Catwoman
  15. crazycatwoman

    Southern OR patient looking for grower

    We in Southern Oregon, Grants Pass. Might be able to help you out. Between the farms we grow about 15-20 different strains. Strickly organic medicine........... Purrs, Catwoman
  16. crazycatwoman

    Is it just me...?

    Yes, Northern Lights down here in grants Pass is a super place to shop for all you growing needs. Knowlegable people working there. After they get to know you they know what you do and you don't need to say. They pretty much know you and what you grow. They give my family a discount also...........
  17. crazycatwoman

    1st Dispensary visit - Can we talk PRICE?

    Right now down here in southern Oregon there is so much medicine that people can't find homes for it all. I have heard of pounds going for 800.00 to 1,200.00. Of course it's always like this right after harvest. But a few years ago pounds were worth 3,200.00 what a drop in price. I understand...
  18. crazycatwoman

    Tintures using Glycrine

    I need a recipe for making Tintures. I have tried alchol and didn't care for it so would like to try making Glycrine tintures. Gee, know I spelt that wrong but you all know what I am talking about. Thanks for your help in advance. Purrs.........Catwoman
  19. crazycatwoman

    So many questions. so lost.

    I am a southern Oregon patient and grower. Between myself and my husband we grow for 6 patients. We give a ounce per month and then at the end of harvest we give additional ounce. We also when we have it give shake for butter if the patients wants some and bonus of hash when we have it. I am...
  20. crazycatwoman

    God's Gift Clones in Washington(Seattle)??????????

    I grew one plant of Gods Gift last summer outdoors. It got big, was ok smoke but we didn't keep it. It just didn't impress us. Currently growing Bubba Kush, Blue Dream, Strawberry, Chem Dawg, Pot of Gold, Stinky Sweet, Dutch Indca, and some Sour Diesel crossess. Sorry...
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