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  1. CelticEBE

    Working Safely

    I struggle with that a bit. I'm all for the idiots weeding themselves out, but in the same right, the other side of me doesn't want anyone to get hurt, nor do I like governments cracking down on us because of the idiots. Some of it is just plain stupidity, and that you can't really fix...
  2. CelticEBE

    Working Safely

    I'd like to start this off with a little story. I've worked in a few different industries. One, which I still dabble in from time to time is Body Piercing. 9 years ago I was working in a shop in SFV and I met OrgnKid. He was getting lots of tattoo work done by the owner. Well, years before he...
  3. CelticEBE

    Had To Start A New Thread, New Mothod..

    Not MY issues with your processes. SAFETY ISSUES with your processes. First off, subzero cooling with a dry ice slurry should be done in something stainless. The plastic walls of an igloo can create a static charge with the alcohol and can potentially catch on fire. Now we add to that a...
  4. CelticEBE

    Had To Start A New Thread, New Mothod..

    Aside from adding YET another thread on the subject, you've also just shown us how ill equipped you are to be doing things like this. I'm not trying to be a dick here, but I do want to come across a bit harsh so that you understand and spend a little more time researching, and a little less...
  5. CelticEBE

    Hydroponic Research User Thread

    I've been curious to hit Chris up about it, but since I only really have one strain that gets a little Mag hungry....I don't really feel like I need it. I just topdress with a bit of epsom when I run that cut.
  6. CelticEBE

    GIANT Fan Leaves

    You will actually find better root growth if you water daily in Coco. If you let it dry out, as Dan said, salts will begin to slowly build up and the EC of your medium will be through the roof.....and roots don't like that. It burns them and prevents new rooting to occur.
  7. CelticEBE

    Hydroponic Research User Thread

    A bit of tip burn isn't that big of a deal, instead of flushing I'd just back off on the next couple of feeds a bit.
  8. CelticEBE

    Hydroponic Research User Thread

    Is that with the crazy low ph...when rooting?
  9. CelticEBE

    Hydroponic Research User Thread

    Are you just using water and life on those?
  10. CelticEBE

    Hydroponic Research User Thread

    A few years ago I had an issue with lockout. It was my fault though. I wasn't watering at least once a day....and there was NO runoff. So....the ec in my coco was off the charts....and my plants did NOT like it. I water my flower rooms 4 times a day, with a little bit of runoff. No problems...
  11. CelticEBE

    Hydroponic Research User Thread

    In my 9 years of growing, the most important thing I have ever learned was this. You have to have LOVE for the plant. If you have that LOVE, then you are in your rooms, you are talking to your plants, and you are LISTENING to what they have to say. You adjust things accordingly and find out what...
  12. CelticEBE

    Hydroponic Research User Thread

    I've been on V+B for 4 years now. I've only ever needed Cal+Mag for two strains. My Skywalker and a Chem x OG. I do use H16 foliar weekly though.....and that stuff has like 3 different sources of Calcium. Stack Swell is the new product. I've only used V+B in LA, where my water was absolute...
  13. CelticEBE

    2 Girls 1 Cup?

    What the hell is going on lately. Someone came into one of my threads and started posting shit about pedophiles in Tulsa the other day. I was all like WHAT THE HELL IS THIS.
  14. CelticEBE

    What You Guys Think Of This Stardawg

    I don't know if there is TRUTH to this or not, but it's what I've heard over the years. Trichs are produced during the night cycles. I've heard it from indoor....and outdoor growers alike. That being said, it would make sense that a 48 hour night cycle would have more trichs than a 12 hour...
  15. CelticEBE

    Revege A Flowering Keeper

    Doubt you will have much luck getting those cuts to root. It's possible, but highly unlikely. You would be better off revegging the Original plant. When you harvest, leave some of the lower bud sites and as many fan leaves as you can. Put it under 24 hours of light. If you are in a soilless...
  16. CelticEBE

    Hydroponic Research User Thread

    I usually check and adjust ph before adding life. Luckily I RARELY need to adjust it.
  17. CelticEBE

    Octabubbler Issues

    Could it be that your 1/4" lines are gummed up? I run low ph water through my system between each cycle. Every now and then I catch a fanjet that isn't really flowing and just swap it out then break it down and clear whatever was blocking it. Been running the same Octabublers for around 5...
  18. CelticEBE

    Help Bho Vacuum Chamber Questions

    While you are still holding a vacuum, you aren't actively pulling on it unless you keep the pump running. I used to shut my pump off, and now my purge times have shortened a great deal by keeping it running. Make sure your oil levels are good and you will be fine.
  19. CelticEBE

    The Oil Wars By Elise Herron

    Pretty sure that history will show that Graywolf was a hero in the "Oil Wars".
  20. CelticEBE

    Calling All Slurry Makers

    So, I'm pretty new to the whole slurry business. Where I am located it can be difficult to obtain dry ice at times, and it's pretty expensive as well. So me and my partners have been making slurry's as we feel they are a bit more economical and efficient. This is what we have been doing. We...
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