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  1. xavier7995

    Best sativa??

    ACE is the place for manageable sativas. Worked lines that are fairly easy to grow. Hard to recommend any one strain specifically since personal tastes differ.
  2. xavier7995

    I lied and I'm NOT sorry!

    Nothing is nicer than fresh weed. I am down to my lowest amount in years and cant wait for another 4 weeks or so for something new. It was a rough winter and had two craptastic grows so just been hitting the stockpile, at least i wont have to go buy more jars as they are now empty. Theres just...
  3. xavier7995

    Phylos Bioscience Sparks Outrage Over New Breeding Program Announcement

    Thats what you get trusting a dude named mowgli. The idea was cool, it just never really delivered or was useful and now this occurred.
  4. xavier7995

    Working At A Dispensary

    As long as you arent trying to make a living at it, being a budtender seems like it would be a great fun job. Not many are knowledgable so it would be a good customer experience. Go for it man!
  5. xavier7995

    Squiggly Moves To Colorado

    Good to see you man, i enjoy your posts, i am on the south side of town.
  6. xavier7995

    I'm On The Flavour Hunt For A Year. Suggestions?

    The tropicanna cookies from oni was the best tasting thing i have had in a few years, i was very impressed. Tasted like oranges and cream, strong flavor.
  7. xavier7995

    Making A Supply Of Skunk Seeds

    Oh i was talking about what to do with a plethora of seeds if you wind up with thousands. I still have a few zips that need to be deseeded but will probably never get around to it as i already pulled a full sandwich bag worth out. One can be a bit wasteful when you have a bunch but are not in...
  8. xavier7995

    Making A Supply Of Skunk Seeds

    You could always play johnny potseed and just toss seeds out on public lands away from the beaten path. Come back in a few years and see how they fair.
  9. xavier7995

    Making A Supply Of Skunk Seeds

    If you are just wanting to expand your seed supply i would leave in as many males as possible, preserve genetic diversity and all that jazz. Sounds like you are on the right track with booting anything obviously inferior and keeping the rest.
  10. xavier7995

    Is Phing Flush Actually Even Possible?

    Haha, the just add calmag adage is right for once.
  11. xavier7995

    Watering Worries

    As they say, dont let it dry out. You arent really getting the full benefits by watering every other day. Its fine to water if still wet. Next run try out smaller containers, i like around a gallon, so 2 liters or so i guess.
  12. xavier7995

    Blockhead F2s

    I believe i saw there may be some blockhead crosses available from a gentleman at oni's booth at the indo expo. Worth a stop if you are at the event.
  13. xavier7995

    What is the best bulb?

    Nada, i have a pretty good vent system so it stays about 5 degrees above ambient. If i were setting something up today though, yeah, i would go with the more modern tech. I havent run ac in my house for a couple of years now, its a pretty mild climate and only gets uncomfortably warm a few weeks...
  14. xavier7995

    Go-kart Tracks?

    It definitely is, worth it though to make the family smile. Need to get up that way if i ever go visit home again with my kiddo, he loves go karts and i love kitschy road side attractions.
  15. xavier7995

    What is the best bulb?

    I roll with the ultra sun or whatever is cheapest for the 1k. My hobby doesn't need to get even more expensive than it already is.
  16. xavier7995

    Go-kart Tracks?

    Anyone been to the Wisconsin dells? Greatest town i have ever visited. Its just water parks, go karts, mini golf, and weird weird road side attractions. Anywho, might want to check out some of the tracks they had for ideas, they had some of the most interesting i have ever seen.
  17. xavier7995

    Looking For New Nutrient Line To Try Out

    I always throw my hat in the ring to back the jacks brand of products. Guess it doesn't say what medium, jacks for coco/hydro. If soil, organic amendments and maybe some of the stuff from dragonfly if they need a boost or teas/ferments if i am not being lazy.
  18. xavier7995

    Sulfur As A Terpene Enhancer

    What a weird world, i concur with bulldog. If you grow in soil get some soil tests done and apply scientific based approaches. Traditional agriculture and methods have a whole lot to offer the cannabis grower. Ferments are a cool idea and have a bunch of uses, but bulldog does operate on a...
  19. xavier7995

    Science on loss of vigor over generations of clones?

    Gotta agree with hyzer here. If that first gen of clones from a mother are genetically identical, as they are with clones by definition, then each of those clones should put out genetically identical clones to the mother. Plants can absolutely get pathogens and whatnot that leave it in a weak...
  20. xavier7995

    The More You Grow - The More Ya Know! Questions Galore

    I like that post man, nicely detailed and well written. Lulz cause my signature line fits with that poll. Here is my take: 1. Clearly not an expert on those varieties, but from what i gather you feed it a veg oriented formula and then switch over to a flower formula once the plant starts...
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