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  1. Grapefruitroop

    Thoughts on my second grow

    Lookin really nice!!! Whats the strain?
  2. Grapefruitroop

    Oh noooo are these balls????

  3. Grapefruitroop


    Mothers Jungle! 2 Phenos Sour Gorillas and Gucci This time im feeding also the rooting cuts with 450 ppm megacrop
  4. Grapefruitroop

    Pale and Yellowing Plant Question

    The LEDs lights speed up the metabolism of the plant....and require more nutrient than a hps or outdoors grow expecially magnesium, nitrogen and calcium Plants looks recipes seems to have difficult to keep up with the daily demand of those elements So.....get some epsom salts...
  5. Grapefruitroop

    First go at organic, and colloidal silver feminization

    I had a very bad FG infestation for few cycles (tryed different BTI drenches and granules but they were always come back ) and those predatory mites ended the problem for good in few days.. they started reproduce like crazy in my soil... Used em also in rockwools with success, the only thing is...
  6. Grapefruitroop

    Is my baby okay? Papaya Stain

    Yeah looks stressed by the light...600w in that space may be too much... Some genetics really dont like it....epsom salts helps...💚
  7. Grapefruitroop

    My plants might have The Flu !!!!

    Double mask em!!😱😱😱 jokes apart the last one looks like is reveggin too... If they have been overwatered ,let em dry and then start feeding
  8. Grapefruitroop

    new led - ZEUS 1000W by Lumatek

    With that youll need a special parking for the 18wheelers that are gona deliver weekly truckloads of epsom salts in your driveway !! 1000w ! Zeus forreal!!⚡☀⚡!!
  9. Grapefruitroop

    Even in a professional setup

    😂😂😂I wanted to gift few clones to a friend....never lost one in months......lost em all!!!😂😂😂 Start again! On top no stop... Keep up the good works!💚🏴‍☠️💚
  10. Grapefruitroop

    Yellowing spreading from inside outward and on tips

    wow....never seen before a mix like that....its seems waaay too much water retention!!!no oxygen!! I think the plant looks fine.....ish....would probably enjoy more frequent dry cycles, allowing better nutrient absobcion!! no nutrients issue imo! good luck!!
  11. Grapefruitroop

    Fresh cuts in water yo!

    I tried to cut and put straight in the aereocloner and was perfect but i guess i adopted to leave em at least 24 h to help my prolly the soaking isn really necessary...but...many ways to skin a cat!! I feeel like if i want to try your method i should space em better instead of...
  12. Grapefruitroop

    Fresh cuts in water yo!

    😆Nice!!! I did that too with some that i forgot around...but then they got sick looking and didnt took in the soil.... right now im using rockwool... how many roughly do you shove ina cup?
  13. Grapefruitroop

    Fresh cuts in water yo!

    Ssssup! When i clone, i always leave the freshly cutted ones ina glas of tap water for roughly 24 h.....then put em in their medium (Rw, peatpellets or aerocloner) I found that when i leave em for longer than one day even changing water, the success rate goes dooooown brutally !!!😀sometimes i...
  14. Grapefruitroop

    Can root bound become an issue in small pot?

    Wooooow thats a monster!!! OP Why do you clean em? Unless you got some pest problem i dont see the purpose.... Mine are nasty AF, stained with all colors of molds....all beneficials i guess, cause plants are healthy!
  15. Grapefruitroop

    Tip curling on new growth

    The batmix may be too hot ...but its not reacting very bad to this point patience a RO water its the best !!
  16. Grapefruitroop


    Tired of throwing away clogged airstones i put togheter an airlifter for the ACT....Damn..its loud! Did a simple bacterial dominant (hopefully) brew with only EWC and molasses....bubbled for 20 h Meanwhile the Gucci's are gettin in the 3rd week!
  17. Grapefruitroop

    Need advice on cause for poor bud size/development

    I agree with the possible light stress/heat (what lights are u using? cmh?led?) cause the lower parts look very healty, but hey, i would first point at the genetic.... Just few toughts... Size gets rarely affected in bad conditions (aside from the lack of direct light) when we use selected...
  18. Grapefruitroop

    Getting A Soil Grow Ready...

    GoodLuck Man!! I grow on rockwool moms, clones and flower them in soil....a mix that i made 30%peat30%coco30%perlite 10%ewc To deal with dry environment, and given the fact you using LEDs... you may think about sealing the room, so 100%control on whatever RH u feel confy about it and aim for a...
  19. Grapefruitroop

    setup in garage? No ac, bigger chiller

    I was wondering myself this too... I think that chillers are effective only when the intake air is dry...i cant imagine em to perform ina sealed wet room.... Maybe as part of a vent system , but giving fro granted that you are ina very dry area.....
  20. Grapefruitroop

    Will Decomposing Marijuana Smell in Yard

    Do u live in a dry area? it ll smell for few days...dont put it on the border of your property...if is up to a contractor bag no issues at wont reach nobody It will decompose faster and loose the smell if you water it with some Nitrogen or sugars... even pee will b good....but seems...
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