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    A/C emergency

    Hey... you still having issues. PM me if you are!
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    The Camp - 32 X 1000w Flip Flop - (8) Uc16xl

    :-) 'bout time you shared! Thanks!
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    OK. Another show. 16K, 5tons water cooled A/C, Twister Trimming, Pollinator spinning

    So this room has been visited twice a week at most. At times 5 days between visits... I've been to busy and had a potential new helper and new grower working it since it will be the last run for sure. Plants were transplanted and flipped... under watering stress along with ... I really don't...
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    Fuck you la county!!

    Dam Gator, that sucks! Good to hear your ok and see you back here.
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    28k/28plants RDWC Constuction of room and first grow....

    ^Tom, I called PG&E for a bigger transformer... no problem. I did have to pay for it... if you call and tell them your power is out, you'll get a quick change out... when you're talking to the guys, let them know you would like a bigger drop and it'll be done quicker then if you have power...
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    New home for one of my UC's

    sub'd... havn't followed one of your grows in a while! Looking forward to it.
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    Help me max my grow op

    Keep MoM in the 2x4. Pre Veg in the 2x4. The 2x4 will stay with 18 hours of light and never change. You 5x5 with stay lit 12 hours. Put 10 clones in dixie cups in your veg tent... I'll assume you have mothers in there. 10 days later cut new clones. 4 Days after that, put your clones in...
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    UC down for the count ... back to the darkside.

    Sub'd. Looks like you've re adapted well!
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    Tent, Trailer or Container?

    I would divert the money from the UC and chiller to a trailer, but I'm biased ;-) Plug and go! When shopping for a trailer try to get one that has at least one A/C already. If you're going to have one built, make sure you get it insulated and the A/C's pre-installed. You could get the...
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    Critical Light Mistake - Please HELP!

    +4 I think I'm 4th in line ;-) Either way, keep an eye on them. Don't stress it though. Definitely don't want them looking like this:
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    Top secret build

    Nice! thx for sharing. Looking forward to progress pics.
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    Design: Vert/Trees in Aluminum Cargo Container

    Here are two "container grows" 1.) 2.) Link in my sig. Check em out. I would go with my layout, GoD's build and 98 plants in a scrog. Especially with those strains. I'll be remodeling over the next couple days and...
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    which is better?

    I once had a couple MH bulbs fail at the same time. I figured it was a perfect time to setup a little test. I used some HPS for that run during veg instead of MH. I put all the HPS in the same area of the room. I had no visual difference in the plants. I kept the plants separate and had a...
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    chicken barn project....

    Barnboy... you're letting down all of those people who believed in you. What's going on?
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    BudGoggles perpetual UCs grow show

    That looks very nice. I like your setup. Looking forward to the output and smoke reports.
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    Montana Dad Gives Cancer-Stricken Boy Marijuana Behind Doctor's Back.

    Cool story. Loved it. Thanks for sharing. Gotta love the name!
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    Scorpion Juice knockoff

    This thread = winning! Thanks! Well, except for the shipping. Oh well, guess I'll have to buy "X" /sarcasm
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    forced flowering males outdoors

    LoL @ the kids stealing the boys. I kinda hope they try showing them off or even better, smoking it! Hope you get your project done. I still laugh at the baby penis's my partner put on my plants. Good times!
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    doubleds 10 lb plant/room test.

    You'll be missed! Thanks for the thread!
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    9000w Dual Arc Organic Soil Beds

    WoW! Looks great. Def keeping an eye on this one.
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