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    Ppm3 wiring

    Hey everyone - can someone please check where the black / white wires go into the back of the ppm3. There are about 10 slots, and I'm curious which slots black and white go into. No electric ignition. They are held in by a small set screw. As is I believe they're wired incorrectly because the...
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    Stop the Internet Blacklist Legislation!!!!

    WOW! :sign0065: Not even sure if this has been brought up here yet -- Found it and immediately decided to post.. anyone running mozilla firefox is probably getting the same thing when they open there browser
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    UC 4XL Scrog in Double Lid Under 1000W

    Hi friend don't mean to burst your bubble but there is a lot of PM in there. Go pick up some "GreenCure" and spray your plants. Its organic and can be used the day before chop...can pretty much use it a week before chop without any taste issues. Nice garden though!
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    Attention: UC growers..."Official" post your favorite UC Pic Thread

    I think he was hinting you should start a thread...everyone would love to see your pictures, but when you go into a "Official" contest thread, ..well,.. nevermind. Post them up! In another thread :D I wanna see.
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    waaynes organic OG Raskal grow thread

    Must be the Skunk cecil used for his GreenCush cut... Looks very similar
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    diablo og

    Looking forward to hearing about that Inferno... sounds insane
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    [BudLust] 6x600w 13gal/16site ScrOG w/ c02

    Hell ya! :D
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    diablo og

    chunky too apparently.
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    diablo og

    Who gifted you that?? That shit is top secret.
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    Questions with H&G Aqua Flakes Formulation for Bloom and pH Stability

    I think H&G makes excellent product, unfortunately they cant get there consistent excellent product into the states, even though they would like to, therefore I feel you get the "B" grade product, rather then the stuff they're TRYING to get into the states..."A" grade. Regardless, I think the...
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    Fire OG Kush x Alien Kush nug shot

    Your buddy must be one lucky dude to be smoking on that fire! Sick ass shot! :D
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    Questions with H&G Aqua Flakes Formulation for Bloom and pH Stability

    lmao Mo you're hilarious.
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    Gettin Nasty Wid The UC

    No worries dude I'm just going off of others experiences and results as well as a little personal experience. If your ppm's have not moved you can even try lowering your PPM level by adding some plain R.O. Once you start to see your PPM's slowly decline, and your PH slowly rise, you'll know...
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    Gettin Nasty Wid The UC

    I too would like to see a controlled experiment... Once with, one without. Keep up the great work, I too, was a "forget hydro grow in dirt" type guy..but times have changed, for me at least.. The growth is absolutely untouchable, but obviously quality of the flowers is what is most...
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    Gettin Nasty Wid The UC

    Wow those are beautiful. Sorry for not catching it, but what is the strain(s)? Are you using Bug Ignitor as planned?
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    Post Your UC Problems Here!

    Hey Hoffa. I'm sorry if you've already tried this route, as I havn't been doing to much reading lately, but have you attempted a completely sterile route with fresh cuttings? I would get some fresh cuts, first off, so you can start correctly with peachy white roots. Maybe got from a 1.5" cube...
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    Gettin Nasty Wid The UC

    Holy shit those are some monsters!! Beautiful. How long of a veg is that??
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    Post Your UC Problems Here!

    You dont need certain # of posts to contribute a journal with pictures...Feel free! :party0042: Jack, excuse me for not knowing, but aren't you topping off with plain R.O water?? If that were the case, wouldn't you be adding nutrients directly to the epiccenter? Just trying to figure...
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