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  1. below frigid

    Something Big!

    Looking for something that can get large for my 2018 outdoor full season grow. Down sizing per new laws. Looking to do 6 LARGE plants. My grail strain was White Super Skunk. Seeds are no longer being made and can't find a clone. Looking for something with tight dense bud structure that gets...
  2. below frigid

    Northern California Fires!

    Napa, Sonoma Lake & surrounding areas are on fire. Winds are supposed to pick back up today. It's really bad. Pray for the people up there. Not even close to any containment.
  3. below frigid

    F-ing Caterpillars!

    Never had these f-ers before, 20 years. So late into flowering I just can't bring myself to spray anything on them. Just getting up every morning and hand picking them. The birds are a big help! I go caterpillar blind after an hour or so. No real damage yet. A little bud mold here and there...
  4. below frigid

    Bodhi's Jabba's Stash X Goji Og

    Here is a couple of shots from today. I made this cross a few years back. Actually my whole grow this season is from crosses I made over the years. My Tangerine Headband x Jabba's and White Fire Alien x Jabba's and Fruity Pebbles x Gogi are rocking it as well. Pic's are Jabba's x Gogi.
  5. below frigid

    Won't Be Long Now.

    Here is a few shots I took today. Fruity Pebbles x Goji are almost done. Going to try and keep them in the ground until the 1st.
  6. below frigid

    Deficiency Or Toxicity?

    Got an issue thinking potassium deficiency, mostly older leaves near the bottom or in the very center of the plant. Some leaf tips look like Nute burn. Some plants are dark green but no leaf claw, none. Going to do a light P&K feed unless someone tells me different.
  7. below frigid

    Help With Diagnosis

    Can anyone tell me what's going on here, thanks in advance. Can this be too much water?
  8. below frigid

    Wavy Leaves On Tops Of Plants.

    Hey I have a couple of plants that are doing this? Heat and low humidity maybe?
  9. below frigid

    Seed Vendor Timing.

    I see these seeds being released now which is fine for the indoor guys. It just seems to make sense to me that if I were in the seed business I would get my seeds out by January - February so the outdoor growers could get in on the new gear. I was waiting on a certain vendor to drop. He posted...
  10. below frigid

    Am I Missing Anything Important?

    Here is this years soil mix. Is there anything else that I should really have in there. My base is a blend of mostly native soil and some Roots 707 with extra perilite, chicken and steer manure mixed in. Some of the soil has been reused over 10 years just re amended every season. I made a blend...
  11. below frigid

    Transplant Container Size?

    I know I should put my seedlings into 4-5 inch containers first. Just would like some thoughts on skipping the small pots and putting the seedlings straight into 2 gallon containers then into the 200 gallon Smart Pots. Just trying to save myself a days work. Do you think final yield would suffer...
  12. below frigid

    Scary Crtter

    Found a bunch of these when I was moving some dirt for reuse.
  13. below frigid

    Below Frigid's 2017 In The 831

    Ok here we go. Last season I did not do a thread. Mother nature beat me up so I did not feel up to posting my misery. It really was the first time I ever got beat up. This season I made a new spot and am doing some preventative measures. I think it should be good. Here is what I put in the...
  14. below frigid

    Got Them.

    All good in a timely manner. Thanks Needed a little help do to my credit card being declined because it was an overseas order.. All ended well. :)
  15. below frigid

    Getting Close.

    Some of my girls are real close. Some not so much. My plan is to start on October 4. Come back on the 11th, and finish up on the 18th. Probably have a few go to the 25th. Here are some Pic's from the last few days .
  16. below frigid

    Ashes From Fires, Lake Co

    I have a friend up in Lake Co. He just told me he has a lot of ash from the fire coming down. Wondering if it will come off the flowering plants if he washes them down? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. below frigid

    Twister T4 (dry Trim Tumbler)

    I am ready to pull the trigger on a machine. Anyone tried the dry trim option on the T4 or T2? Or heard any feed back on it. I know there are a few peeps here that like the Trim Pal for dry trimming. How hard is it to clean the Trim Pal?
  18. below frigid

    Below Frigids 2015.

    Been real busy this summer, sorry I have not posted until now. The garden has pretty much had to grow it's self. No time for extra love. I did give them a special cocktail yesterday and I have gave them Calcium 25 twice and a foliar feeding one other time during the grow. Everything has started...
  19. below frigid

    Trim Machine Help.

    Circumstances may force me to go to a machine trim from a hand trim. Been looking around at machines. There is a ton of them out there. A dry trim would be nice but from what I can tell it looks like to much touch up for me. What I can't find is any good quality photo's of the finished product...
  20. below frigid

    Decision Time Already!

    Wow February is here already. 4 weeks and I will be cracking my beans. What's everyone cracking this year? Here is what I got so far. I am doing a lot of Bodhi gear, Sunshine Day Dream, Golden Triangle, Silver Mountain, Heavens Mountain, Super Snow Lotus, I used a Goji OG male to make a bunch of...
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