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  1. jollycanna

    Hawaiian heirloom seeds pog dog, skunk dog s1, SUNSET SKUNK fems

    the race was exciting. 3 pog dog 1 was collectable (we will review the rest of the resulted ratios on this one in a week or so.) 2 skunk dog s1. 2 were collectable 3 sunset skunk (sunset sherbet x skunkdog) 2 were collectable poi dog (we will review the rest of the resulted ratios on this one...
  2. jollycanna

    Can i put cut plants in wate like other flowers and they will bloom and finish forming seeds?

    Hi I recently had a loved one plant project that is spent a year on because it made my face go numb and I crossed it with long lasting Kauai electric x molokai frost and someone just came in my garden and cut it at the base. So bumbed. It was all accidentally seeded I just neglected the garden...
  3. jollycanna

    over watting... no one thought indoor could touch out door then he over watted

    i am a corky guy obsession's a number sometimes... i bought some china led lights a 900w and a few 600w... i had a 5x9 tent but i ended up going nutz and just fixating on the lumens with my cheap reader... i was oh ill just grow this 5x 9 with the 3 of them... hahaha nope last minute i was like...
  4. jollycanna

    THE MYTH OF HAWAIIAN budz being the best

    i was watching future cannabis project nerd genetics ep today and they said hawaii highs dont cross over to mainland grows... i agree and disagree... you know how everyone is all we grow the best pNW,cali,ANE,southern,midwest, appilacia and them big rivers... hawaii we all claim the best in...
  5. jollycanna

    East Island Seeds what happened to them? danger*

    East Island Seeds dutch treat was a fast finishing non auto flower like 40-45days apparently. they have other genetics... but 3 companies have the strain name dutch treat and they all have the same discription from what ive see... what happened to East Island Seeds? dutch treat is an amazing...
  6. jollycanna

    what bud dictionary do you use? example cannabible

    leafy all bud wikileaf seedfinder iLgm still the cannabible is just so on as a genetic dictionary. i tell you this story. i was in maui and chilling playing darts with some bros and we went to check out this free king epic boat my friend made or refurbished and improved ... and he bust out...
  7. jollycanna

    how old is your oldest fem mother? do you use fem moms as mother plants?

    how old is your oldest fem mother? do you use fem moms as mother plants? how long will a fem mother plant keep its power?
  8. jollycanna

    CHEMDOG the story no one told... of a time long gone

    it was called the 60s and Vietnam had just kicked off, men like bushes the size of a shrubbery, the music would be over played for decades to come but it was good the first few hundred plays. men were goin AWOL on military leave in Hawaii. some having just learned the art of camo from... the...
  9. jollycanna

    using a fem plant with a reg male will it work?

    have you done this does it work or are seeds from fem moms not as good or is there little we know on the subject?
  10. jollycanna

    how do i stop my buds from going to ammonium smell with age?

    how do keep nugs for years without the ammonium smell setting in?
  11. jollycanna

    50 cuts1 container... Is that considered 1 plant or 50?

    "Root grafting in trees refers to morphological interconnections occurring between roots of the same tree (self-root grafting), of different trees of the same species (intraspecific root grafting) or of trees of that belong to different species (interspecific root grafting)."...
  12. jollycanna

    The death of neo-rasta culture in cannabis industry

    Ever since I could remember the Jamaican island fo-rasta has been a big part of the cannabis industry and culture. Now days I look around and it seems a lot of cannabis industry and culture has backed the laid back hip hop life style as far as cloths and vibe. Long gone are the days of kudwai...
  13. jollycanna

    Anyone have dutch treat stories?

    Is it still a popular strain?
  14. jollycanna

    Puff mi joint mi won't flex songs to stone to

    Kudwai mon puff mi joint mi won't flex rootz mon Jamaica ital buzz wit di ital budz
  15. jollycanna

    Is 99% iso reagent grade safe for use...

    Hi have 99% reagent grade ISO is that safe for a wash... over dried and want to enjoy it. If pour 1gallon over 1/4LB how much yield can get? think even with it being reagent grade will get the spits where it spit bits when you heat it?
  16. jollycanna

    If your growing in any light other then natural white please take the pic in a natural white setting.

    I got a lot of my old photos and they are all purple and I lost all the real ness in the pics cuz the colors are not the color it is in natural light.
  17. jollycanna

    CBD and CBG hemp as an addition to your smoking regiment

    So I bought some organic CBD flower to see what it was going to add to my day. Hemp is hopefully going to become legal to grow at home some day and not count against the other plants. Some of the strains I smoked actually had some kind of a flavor and atleast one had a pretty nice smoke brah...
  18. jollycanna

    Hemp flower smoking...your experience ?

    I am curious in hemp smoking. I have never smoked hemp flower before, I smoked peppermint tea and other herbs but never hemp flower. I have a bunch coming in the mail of organic hemp flower. But was wondering if any of you have tried it? Does it have taste? Did you feel less anxiety after and...
  19. jollycanna


    So how long does it take... I was thinking about cutting my shit 3weeks early cuz they are dank and dangly... Great high so far... But there is still white hairs...
  20. jollycanna

    Speculations!! How much do you think they will yield in the end?

    Top plant already budding is #1 ... #2 is the sativa Little guy in the left #3... Big lady on the right #4 Plant with the rec number #5 The lady in the back #6 Plant # 7 #1= puna candy = #2 = durbanana = #3 = molokai frost = #4 = rainbow kush = #5 =kauai electric pheno2 = #6 =...
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