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  1. CubanFlex

    Is it my ph or roots? Please help!!

    What's your feed look like and how often? Do you measure run off?
  2. CubanFlex

    Help identifying mite

    Can you show pictures of the damaged leaves?
  3. CubanFlex

    Im having an issue with my plants any advice

    If those water droplets are forming on the leaves then the humidity is too high imo, in my experience reaching the dew point in any stage besides some methods of cloning is not a good thing and can lead to many problems.
  4. CubanFlex

    Im having an issue with my plants any advice

    If the plant has been inside all or most of it's life it might not be acclimated to the full strength of the sun. If it is mainly indoor you'll have to harden it off, place it in the shade for a week before giving it full sun. In Colorado I have to cover my soil outside with straw or untreated...
  5. CubanFlex

    Tea, How do you make it?

    There's a lot going on in teas, this is a great read to really understand what's going on. there is also a teaming with fungi book that's dope too. An easy but effective alternative to brewing your own tea is using...
  6. CubanFlex

    Clones Yellowing, Tips Grey And Wilted

    Sure, you in the US?
  7. CubanFlex

    Can i use Neem oil into Flower

    I wouldn't spray neem that late into flower or at all. Feeding spinosad as a drench to kill all the eggs you have in the soil has been known to work for some people and spraying the foliage with green cleaner. Make sure to keep your grow space really clean, removing any dead plant matter around...
  8. CubanFlex

    Pest prevention regiment.
  9. CubanFlex

    Clones Yellowing, Tips Grey And Wilted

    Could try dunking your clones in oxidate at 2mls a gallon before you put them in a plug. I havn't had a clone die on me in months after I started that regime.
  10. CubanFlex

    How are they looking ?

    What strains are you running?
  11. CubanFlex

    How are they looking ?

    They look good, you going to top them?
  12. CubanFlex

    Help! Can’t determine sex of one of my fav plants.

    Hermie :/
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