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  1. squiggly

    Colorado 2020: Roll Call

    Ayyy, originally from Chicago but I’m now up in Longmont. Working in Pharma.
  2. squiggly

    If you have chemistry questions....

    What’s up?
  3. squiggly

    If you have chemistry questions....

    Looks to me like scale up will be the issue here. I’m more familiar with the challenges associated with scale up in a manufacturing train designed to be modular and intended for this sort of pilot-scale development. For a process like this I’d imagine you’d be building it out yourself, but...
  4. squiggly

    If you have chemistry questions....

    That’s a lot of stuff, let me get back to you when I have a minute to go through it. Do you have a link to the paper? This is pretty bare bones.
  5. squiggly

    Squiggly Moves To Colorado

    Bit indisposed from St. Patties but I’ll DM you tomorrow! Word, yeah I’ve looked into Nordic out this way. Might shoot an app out, they’re hiring nearby too. Dubious on if they will want to hit my number or if my experience is exactly what they want. Asuhh Let’s smoke some doinks bruv.
  6. squiggly

    Squiggly Moves To Colorado

    Got you fam lol
  7. squiggly

    Squiggly Moves To Colorado

    Thanks man. Inbox is always open if you’d like any clarification. I haven’t been active on the forums but I have been back for about the past year or so getting into the inbox periodically. Goes for anyone, always here to help a farmer in need. Appreciate the tip man. Currently whoring myself...
  8. squiggly

    Squiggly Moves To Colorado

    Hey Lab! I remember you. Appreciate, yes. Compensate, we shall see :) Appreciate the well wishes my guy.
  9. squiggly

    Squiggly Moves To Colorado

    Unfortunately I have sold my soul to pharma. Well, sort of. When federal happens I’ll be well situated for that green rush (no matter where the hell I end up). By all means, if anyone in the canna industry out here knows of something lucrative/intermediate-level for a chemist to step into I am...
  10. squiggly

    Squiggly Moves To Colorado

    I finally made it out of the Midwest! Hoping to settle into something lucrative out here before long—but for now I’m just enjoying being out of the temperate zone. I wonder, how many of the old guard are still out this way?
  11. squiggly

    Squiggly Squiggles Back Onto The Scene

  12. squiggly

    Deficiency Or Burn?

    Zinc or Iron deficiency likely. Bring the pH down.
  13. squiggly

    New Clones Still Burning?

    try swinging the pH down a bit.
  14. squiggly

    Squiggly Squiggles Back Onto The Scene

    I have once again shaken off the shackles of big pharma and am here again. Necro af, miss you dudes.
  15. squiggly

    Hello, Fellow Cultivators.

    For all of the nerdy shit I ever got into here, when it came to growing--I always tried to keep it a simple as possible. Love the approach, keep killing it bro!
  16. squiggly

    Will You Be Watching??

    I was watching broseph ✊️
  17. squiggly

    Guinea Pig

    Looking for an Illinois based guinea pig for a project I'm working on. This is slow moving and may be months or more before I'm moving at any sort of pace. No investment required but patience and a plant (that I probably won't kill, probably)
  18. squiggly

    Please Help. Experience With Als And Cannabis??

    There is some anecdotal evidence that it can be helpful as a neuroprotective agent, but I would expect most of the effects to be palliative. Truly, with a diagnosis like ALS it is about whatever gives the person the greatest amount of comfort. So if being high all day is a happy place for them...
  19. squiggly

    Where Are The Peeps In Killinoissssssssssssss.

    Spent most of my "career" here trying to hide where I'm from and who I am. Also holding myself back from contributing as heavily as I wanted to for the same anxieties. But with shit relaxing all over the state: here I am, in Illinois.
  20. squiggly

    If you have chemistry questions....

    Bit of a necro but I think this question really highlights what separates the layman from the capitalist. At the end the day bleaching earth might do some stuff--but the reality is there is a multi billion dollar apparatus that purifies and produces drug product through much worse and nastier...
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