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  1. Dub_City405

    Giveaway Free Test - Spider Farmer SE3000 LED and SF Grow Tent

    Id love to try. #spiderfarmerSE3000
  2. Dub_City405

    Nutrient lock-out. How to properly flush soil ?

    Just give them 5.8 ph water by itself for 7 days. Give it a half gallon every day or every other day depends on how fast they drink.
  3. Dub_City405

    Doing a nice run so far

    Thats how it goes. Week 6 gonna be week 7 next week gotta have a plan in place so its ready for when these get pulled. So i need to setup another tent to alternate harvest. Ill get a gorilla tent. But i need to dial in on my next lighting source. LED of course.
  4. Dub_City405

    Doing a nice run so far

    Thanks brother. Girl scout cookies extreme. Next batch will probably be skywalker
  5. Dub_City405

    Boveda Packs? anyone have any experience?

    I use them. They are nice. Get big jars put 1 in a jar.
  6. Dub_City405

    Is this ready to harvest?

    Take a couple pictures that looks ok. Little longer.
  7. Dub_City405

    Doing a nice run so far

    Just finished week 5. Starting week 6.
  8. Dub_City405

    Ec / ppm nutrient level question

    Looks nice and green i do a bit less or same nutes.
  9. Dub_City405

    How am i looking ?week 4 flower

    Just depends on how plant looks. You have to adjust to plant. It could be 7 weeks or 12 weeks. I usually go 8 weeks then flush then cut
  10. Dub_City405

    Issue or am i good?

    Looks like bud.
  11. Dub_City405

    What would you recommend here

    No. Autos grow at thier own rate. Bud when they want. Give it 2 weeks.
  12. Dub_City405

    Spider Farmer 420 Giveaway- SF Led Grow Light and SF Grow Tent

    USA. I was just looking for a new setup.
  13. Dub_City405

    Three Varieties - Ready to harvest yet?

    Looks nice. I struggle with growing multiple strains i did it twice just to have different smoke. But i end up cutting them down at same time whether one is ready or not.🤦 Green crack if any look the most done. Give them 3 days and see if you notice more frost.
  14. Dub_City405

    My photo of this months photo

    I took OG kush which a strain i had and i had ordered lone star seeds. It because a male i collected pollen and crossed them. I named it 13. Its drying now.
  15. Dub_City405

    How am i looking ?week 4 flower

    Yeah this is new. I got almost 2 pounds out of that wedding cake. This was the week i cut them down.
  16. Dub_City405

    Sour d 8 weeks this coming Wednesday

    Looks nice!!
  17. Dub_City405

    Ready or not is it time to chop

    Give it a week. It looks about done.
  18. Dub_City405

    How am i looking ?week 4 flower

    Im in week 4 gonna start week 5.
  19. Dub_City405

    Help! I forgot to buffered the coco coir before repotting clones and now they are stressed

    The only advice i have for you is that i never did anything to the coco besides first nutes. And these babies have been green ever since.
  20. Dub_City405

    Is this almost ready 1st grow

    If you notice how much more frosty it is now than last week. Now give it another week
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