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    logic needs help small white bugs crawling in my soil

    The root aphids I dealt with had a couple different forms... a white crab/spider looking thing, a flyer that was similar to a fungus gnat and a thing that looked kinda like the pic you posted. If you are getting any yellowing (the leaves I saw looked like everything from a sulfur deficiency to a...
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    Anyone use PM Wash???

    It is just water, but it's not about pH. It's "frequency water." I won't pretend that I can explain this well. Here's a radio show with the creators. It's the 4-20 episode. I'm still not saying it worked, but their mighty wash at least slowed the mites down. Chopped a few weeks later so can't...
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    Anyone use PM Wash???

    Tried one spray down. Didn't seem to have as good an effect as greenscure. Maybe repeated uses would have been better but too expensive for that. Hear you about the burnt pistils though.
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    Pics and quality of finished trimmed buds?

    So post your real pics so we can see this chasm of disparity between your top shelf and everyone else's beasters.
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    how to fight mites in 5 week of bud ,,

    Some people dose the room with high levels of CO2. I personally haven't had any luck with that. If you're going 9 weeks or more, you could probably get in another treatment of azamax, but be careful because it can make your buds taste bad if you use it too late. If you're just going 8 weeks...
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    Nine weeks in TRIM ?

    How much longer are you planning on taking them? Just a week? Then I'd definitely remove the ones that are blocking bud sites. Buds that have direct light hitting them will harden off in a way they won't if they are covered. I agree you are done "growing" the plants. Finish them up if you just...
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    Help Help, is this defiency or over nute?

    Sea will probably get back to you in the mornings, as she does, but even before I read your post about the 7.0, I was going to jump on the pH bandwagon. For sure pH. You keep referring to the "pH of the medium." How are you checking the pH of your water and nutes? I would definitely flush the...
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    prices in the O

    I don't think it's against forum rules. Here are two similar threads below. The number of OR growers on the farm who want to post they don't adhere to MMJ laws might be a small group though. I can't help you, but maybe these will...
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    Trichomes look ready?

    These are all from leaves, right, not bud trichs? My personal experience, at least with the strains I've worked with, is that the calyx trichs turn faster than the leaf ones, and the tops of the plant buds turn faster than lower, so where you take your samples from will affect the answer. I'd...
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    Anyone going to watch "Weed Wars"

    LOL You are on fire today. It is more eye doctor than bar for sure. They do have a lounge area with Volcanos though. Nice to blaze and wander SF.
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    Anyone going to watch "Weed Wars"

    You should see their space. Amazing and clean and designed like a high end boutique. And being a girl myself of course I care about the decor more, but cute girls too.
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    Anyone going to watch "Weed Wars"

    When I signed up at Harborside, they informed me that Discovery might be filming there and said something like just let them know if I didn't want to be filmed. They seemed pretty worried about patient privacy. They have a nice, and yes very very organized, shop. For quality weed though, if I...
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    root aphids/ Merit75 and triazizide at same time?

    The photosensitivity could have been because the plants were already damaged and it was just too much for them. And I hear you about getting everything... that's why I think the p-bomb is good, and I've been told it's even ok for plants in flowering. I usually err on the side of less poison on...
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    root aphids/ Merit75 and triazizide at same time?

    Confuten: Here's what I noticed when I got rid of them for good. I used the Bayer Tree & Shrub (Imid, which is what Merit is made of) and it made the plants photosensitive. I did the Bayer first and the Spectracide second. On reflection, the Spectracide had a more immediate effect (dead bugs...
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    Need some advice... bad

    You can't outrun your problems. None of us can. They will just be new, bigger ones in a different place. Get into some anger management, voluntarily as a gesture; get a lawyer who will help you show you're trying, even if the situation wasn't your fault; walk the straight and narrow for a while...
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    Vaccinations we should have a choice

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    How much light ?

    If budget, heat and height aren't a problem, I'd go 2k too. 1k would do you though if you can get it into a 4x4. I'm not personally a fan of the 600s unless there are height restrictions.
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    Vaccinations we should have a choice

    TG--I wasn't asking anyone to go do experiments or anything, but if someone can't find a single story from a respected news outlet, nothing from college professors or even papers written by PhD candidates or doctors that have good science, maybe they shouldn't make vicious accusations. Hell...
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    Vaccinations we should have a choice

    I'm so not surprised that anyone affiliated with Planned Parenthood is under attack, not because I or anyone I know who's dealt with them has ever had a bad experience, but because it's an organization at the heart of abortion and birth control. Whether they're pro-life or just think women...
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    UC down for the count ... back to the darkside.

    Looks great! You must have really long arms.
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