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    FWIW, although pricy, the UC top up kit has a reliable float valve and the UniSeal has been working fine on my 20 gallon Brute garbage can used as a top up; i'll need to go bigger next grow though.
  2. airedog

    Brown stuff starting to form on roots

    Find a way to drop your nutrient temps below 70F and aerate the solution with airstones and air pump; unless you fix the cause, symptoms will keep coming back. Cannazym will provide enzymes to break down dead organic matter but you need beneficial bacteria to combat the root rot. In a pinch, you...
  3. airedog

    How Many Nutrients Can I Mix?

    Picture would tell a brtter story under neutral light.
  4. airedog

    Another kick at the can.

    After change-out pH continued to drop drastically so i took a look through the access ports and saw some of the root rot taking hold again. Changed-out, minus Nirvana, doubled down on HydroGuard as well as running a L of HydroGuard/SensiZym solution through the netpots. I also adjusted my float...
  5. airedog

    why are my roots like this, is it bad?

    Are you running sterile, or do you use beneficial bacteria? How much aeration? Can you give us dolution strength, temperature and pH? I have/had similar issues in RDWC. Aqua Man suggested that i run double the dose of HydroGuard and run a HydroGuard/enzyme solution through my pots every 2nd day...
  6. airedog

    2021 Southern Ontario seed selection for outdoors.

    Any of Dr. Greenthumb's Iranian crosses should do well. Personally, i've had good luck with both Chemo Iranian and Iranian Diesel. I grow in Zone 5a.
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    Ways to hang led close to ceiling of tent?

    2" carabiners through mounting points on LED and around tent pole. If mounting holes are too narrow for the biners put in split rings for biner attachment points. I dead hung my LEDs to the ceiling this way.
  8. airedog

    Advanced...... to use or not to use?

    What type of system are you running? If it's DWC or RDWC, in my opinion, you don't want to use any carbs, especially if you're using bennies. There are a few threads here that detail the importance of mixing your nutes in a specific order in order to avoid getting that sludge in your res and...
  9. airedog

    Another kick at the can.

    Day 26 from flip and the dreaded RDWC mid-flower pH plummet is starting to happen. I'm mitigating the effect of the drop by using pH Perfect base nutes as the chelation means a wider pH range in which the nutes are available; i start to worry when i hit the 4s and change-out at 4.0 (although...
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    Chiller reservoir, Nutrients reservoir, Wort coil

    I use a 1/3 hp chiller to cool a system with a volume of about 50 gallons. The chiller is isolated from my nutes by a wort chiller/res. My chiller res is about 15 gallons and the 1/2" * 25' wort chiller coil is in my epicenter. Chiller res has a 1200 gph pump that sends water from res through...
  11. airedog

    Another kick at the can.

    Taken April 26 (Day 23 from flip); tops of frames are 5' 6" off the floor. Stretch seems to have stopped and they are stacking nicely and there is a distinct cherry aroma in the grow area.
  12. airedog

    The joys of silly reverse osmosis tricks.

    That's what they claim; 50% water savings over similar RO filters with your choice of 1:1 or 2:1 ratios
  13. airedog

    The joys of silly reverse osmosis tricks.

    Juice jug full of water maybe.
  14. airedog

    The joys of silly reverse osmosis tricks.

    Res transfer is by Mondi pump and hose, storage has no line plumbed to epicenter or top-up. Pressure to RO is 60 psi and output, if running perfectly, is 150 gpd (1:1), so just a trickle into Brutes that take better than 12 hours to refill on change-out day.
  15. airedog

    The joys of silly reverse osmosis tricks.

    I'll try to rig a shield as the 10" diffusers shift around a bit.
  16. airedog

    The joys of silly reverse osmosis tricks.

    Anything is possible, it's heavy aeration, 20lpm each. It's an intermittent problem but today it came up high enough to leak out one of the airline access holes.
  17. airedog

    The joys of silly reverse osmosis tricks.

    The backpressure unit, or one with a similar design, is part of the Stealth RO. It's a float valve like you're showing me that's failing; i've given the float itself a more acute downward angle and it seems fine. But that's the problem, they always seem fine until they overshoot by a few inches...
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    Oh no what do i do

    Be sure to loosen tie as plant grows, otherwise the stalk will encapsulate the cord.
  19. airedog

    Oh no what do i do

    Black bag in foreground, July 7, 2016; Dr. Greenthumb - Oh Zone. September 16 (same day stalk picture was taken). As long as we're off topic; ProMix in 100 gallon grow bags, fed AN Conny with full Grand Master lineup of supplements on a feed/feed/water cycle. Started indoors and put out...
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    Oh no what do i do

    Velcro gardening tape;, works well. I've had outdoor tree main stems split and do well after being taped. You can see a piece of the tape in the picture below and the stalk split it...
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