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  1. sky high

    Colorado People

    Good neighbors are something many people have never experienced, CM. The respect you hold for such people and the way they live is a testament for the way you (both) have chosen to live as well. Most people have never experienced and will never experience the ways of "country living". We've only...
  2. sky high

    WEED THERAPY, without puffing

    Praise Jah, brother! I'm a hearin' ya! I find comfort knowing I HAVE a garden, am beholding to no one, and have excesses to give to those who truly need it. I don't forget to partake in any smoke sessions though. LOL. be well dude
  3. sky high

    The 'Chair... Maybe

    Interesting. The cut I held for 15 years ('91-2005) was sourced from the Boulder/Ned area. I was told at the time i got her she was M-39 (SSSC) Skunk #1 X Basic 5. description from here: Some of the strains mentioned above were also sold...
  4. sky high

    The 'Chair... Maybe

    And then?? :D
  5. sky high

    Using exhaust from lights to heat your house?

    My setup is such that I can simply move the flexiduct and connect it to a heater register in my front entryway in Winter (I disco the real heater feed and plug it) and can then pull it off and reattach it to a vent that vents outside for Summer. Just an FYI/Safety caution... folks moving a lot...
  6. sky high

    Colorado People

    Beauty is all around....This is fairly close to home..... and is one serious "Staircase".....whether you be a local OR a tourist. From a trip take here (there are some other great hikes on this page, FYI) "As we hiked along, the...
  7. sky high

    Fresno County may ban all growing of buds

    Not good. Not good at all.
  8. sky high

    outwest Gardens

    Lookin' stellar dude.....
  9. sky high

    Colorado People

    A real man stands behind what he says.
  10. sky high

    Colorado People

    We always had a great weed scene here. Everyone else is just now figuring it out. The question is if it will stay that way. Angies list? LOFL. FWIW....many of us are friends here with houses and lives outside the weed thing...and we share that freely 'cus we all know how to grow and don't need...
  11. sky high

    Colorado cannabis tourism guide

    Folks have always gotten high on the hill. The difference now is folks are treating it like social media and feel a supreme need to be SEEN smoking weed...for some stupid reason... We have had bastions of cover in the trees for years...and there are renegade log "forts" all over the ski...
  12. sky high

    Colorado People

    It's expensive to play in the hills! CM's place is damn nice. Lotsa tile and granite and nice appliances. 35K doesn't go too far anymore when you do it right...and my guess is that he's quoting the entire job cost...not the tile work alone. The economy trashed the construction industry...not...
  13. sky high

    Colorado cannabis tourism guide
  14. sky high

    need seeds

    Bottom line's like loaning money.....if I can't afford to loose the cash in the end...I don't play the game. Fortunately, I've only had one seedy transaction in all of my years of seed purchases. (and that experience taught me the above philosophy in a big way :wtf:)
  15. sky high


    you guys should just give up and let me win, dammit.;) Love ya waayne. Always enjoyed our chats. But those trichs...on a fan leaf.....geezus..... I can hear my bubblebags all the way across the house rustling together in the garage and gettin all excited over that kind porn... :joyful:
  16. sky high

    Looking for new seeds

    There are >so many< strains out there.... just pick a couple and go for it. (sounds like you may have already chosen) But just so you realize it....this is a seed sales site. Seed sales pay the bills here. It's cool if you look or buy elsewhere or even ask questions about a particular strain...
  17. sky high


    The same way laws can be passed that go directly against Federal drug laws, sea. with "organic"produce....the label doesn't mean the produce is absent pesticides/other treatments. I sure don't wanna smoke Avid.....but I also don't wanna combust pyrithiums, neem, Ed's mix, or any other...
  18. sky high

    Colorado People

    4 here....but just found out my oldest has a mass in his gut.....and our human family, there will only be 3.
  19. sky high

    need seeds

    It's a stealth send. It's like any other package... IF the authorities were to find them, you will receive a letter....possibly stuck inside the original mailing...possibly attached to it.....and it will tell you it is illegal to import cannabis seed and they have been confiscated. Lotsa...
  20. sky high

    Looking for new seeds

    OK....let's try again! Divine Seeds - "that's good"!! I mean....any of those fem cookie crosses would be a nice second grow.... if I wasn't broke I'd be playing along myself...... Are those WW seeds sold here at the Farm?
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