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    true true..... any sol seeds ive ever bought have always been super healthy, but those blubonics were some fatty beaners! last batch only took about 6 hours to germinate, 100%. props sol!
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    i'm playing with some genetics

    looks like your doin a little more there than just messin round makin seeds! you got this bro.
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    lots of strains in the jungle

    thats some super duper! im all about pursang! you got a buncha dime pieces there bro!
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    Highland Oaxacan Gold S1s?

    bh>>> sounds awesome! i have a side project goin with my purple crosses goin on, have two different landrace strains i picked up in calcutta and bombay(cant really remember which of the two). they the only ones i use to cut down the flowering time on my baby....... id be really interested to...
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    My small '08 garden grow

    nice! whos ak is it?
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    Best harvest time

    i love these threads. im sure there is a slightly better time to harvest, whether we actually have good enough eyes, nose or taste buds to notice is the question. ive tried harvesting at so many different times. after watering, after letting them dry up. couple hours with the lights on couple...
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    Cuttings from female seeds?

    ive never had a problem taking cuts from femmed seeds. my blue hash from dinafem LOVES bearing children. same thing with the moby hash.maybe a nanner or to every couple runs. i usually dont buy femmed seeds but thats all dinafem sells, so... id say dont stress em and they should be fine....
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    Whatz Happnin?

    Welcome bro! i hear you on the late outdoor start. every fuckin year. indoor has always taken priority. we shall see though. ive always wanted to utilize my attic. temps just stay so high up there in the summer not even sure if i wanna waste my time. whats your plan there?
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    Trichoderma Powder Application

    not a problem. i try to do this with all my nutes/additives. have had a couple bad experiences just switching all my babies over at one time. let me know how it works out...
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    i.ll try and keep it updated...

    well then props to you and the Cap then!
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    THCfarmer Auctions Open Friday 27th

    im still kinda confused. he said 1 new york time, which is like twenty minutes ago? kinda lame cause i called into work for this. eh.
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    i.ll try and keep it updated...

    looking nice and green man! you always keep your runts around? my burnt out ass has to get rid of them bastards or ill end up clonin them. logics a helluva guy passin out free genetics like that! whats your setup look like?
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    Greetings Earthlings!

    Nice! Texas chops em down!
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    heat problems this summer for indoor growing?

    i dont know about you, but i dont pay for my water. just like fi_di said get some frozen water bottles. once a day i throw a couple in the res. i rigged this deal too with a circular fan on top of a five gallon bucket some water and a couple of those frozen bottles. i gotta do this pretty much...
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    Greetings Earthlings!

    thanks so much! looking forward to gaining a wealth of knowledge from you guys.
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    Greetings Earthlings!

    another newb to the forums, just not to the scene. getting my biznass back together so i can show you guys how this is done!:cool: naw not really, im making the jump from soil to hydro so im hoping for a little help from you guys! thanks for making me welcome, looking forward to a guiding hand...
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    Trichoderma Powder Application

    Ive never used it by itself, but have used it in a tea like you mentioned. the unfortunate thing about additives is they never really get used by themselves. i always do a side by side comparison when i try something new. see what im sayin?
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    ONA (Odour Neutralizing Agent)

    by the way ona gel= big ass waste of money. or for me it did anyway.
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    ONA (Odour Neutralizing Agent)

    id say just have it on while the lights are on, ventilation 24/7 is usually a big deal, but i dont think it is in your situation. its all up to you really. maybe get a pc fan to vent while the lights arent on?
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    Hydro Nutes

    i agree texas, ive never liked these multi part nutes. its like buying a nintendo wii then having to go bake to the store to buy seventeen different controllers for four different games.... personally id say stick to something a little simpler if this is your first time running hydro...
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