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  1. crossfader

    Giveaway Free Test - Spider Farmer SE3000 LED and SF Grow Tent

    Congrats @LexLuthor !✌
  2. crossfader

    First Time are these ready for harvest top bud I think could be lower unsure should I wait another week or two

    Not ready yet, it looks like they've got a few weeks to go, if not more. Patience.✌ I'm seeing white particulate on your leaves, do you use a humidifier? Might be cal residue from tap water. Someone else can confirm?
  3. crossfader

    Found this in my buddies living room damn near peed my pants

    We all gotta start somewhere, eh?✌
  4. crossfader

    Getting some autoflowers first time👍🏻

    Starting seed in your final growing container is good, just watch your watering practices if growing in a large container! Yeah, autos are fun to grow but can be frustrating compared to growing photoperiod or "regular" cannabis. If you have plant issues, autos can be unforgiving due to their...
  5. crossfader

    Veteran Carbon Scrubber Reviewers Club

    I just bought and set up a 4" Vivosun fan & carbon filter this past Friday. Even after reading some less than stellar reviews on Amazon I pulled the trigger because of the lower cost ($142 Canadian) plus it came with everything needed to install and hang. Right now I have no's...
  6. crossfader

    Yellow leaves is this normal

    Need more info...growing medium/plant age/type of lighting, nutrients ect. Anything to help ppl here here help you✌
  7. crossfader

    Cat destroyed my plants wtf

    Damn! My cat won't even go near my tent...she's deathly afraid of the whirring from the exhaust fan😆 When I grew outside she would sniff and sniff the plant but that's all the interest she showed. Hopefully yours will leave them alone now she's had a taste.✌
  8. crossfader

    first timer, need help sexing plant

    That is a male plant✌
  9. crossfader

    Day 26 of flower, don’t know what’s going on?

    You'll need to provide info like growing medium, light, nutrients used, plant age ect. The more info provided, the better chances of getting some sound advice. Personally I'd pick up a pH and ppm pen. ✌
  10. crossfader

    Pm 14 days into flower should I ditch plant

    If one plant has it, all of them will have it. Good luck✌
  11. crossfader

    Is It Male or Female?

    Looks like a female to my eyes but a second and third opinion can't hurt!✌️
  12. crossfader

    Giveaway Free Test - Spider Farmer SE3000 LED and SF Grow Tent

    Awesome! #spiderfarmerSE3000
  13. crossfader

    Welcome our new moderator Gnick55

  14. crossfader

    First Grow Attempt (New User - Canada)

    Welcome to the Farm, southern Ontario here 🇨🇦✌️ Good luck on your grow👍
  15. crossfader

    All natural indoor growing (no lights, no nothing)

    *pulls up chair*.....this looks interesting, definitely following this✌
  16. crossfader

    Will Switching From Blurple To Quantum Board Stress Plants?

    Upgrading my blurple light (100w from wall) to a true 110w quantum board today. Question is will the light intensity shock/harm plants that are flowering? Maybe run new light at 75%-80% to acclimate?✌
  17. crossfader

    High vs Flavour

    Potency. Case in point: recently bought an oz. of Lavender Kush...the smell/flavor leads you to believe it's nothing special but man it packs a punch that you'd never expect, given it's mediocre taste and aroma. I'll take potency over taste anytime.
  18. crossfader

    WHO IS UP FOR SOME FUN? in 'factory'? 🤔🤣
  19. crossfader

    I got taco leaves and clawing. Need help!!

    I'll second that! Molasses screwed my pH up big time with issues I'm still struggling to fix. I'll never touch it again.
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