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  1. Brendanpre

    Hello from Moe.Red

    Thats a feeling I love and hate. Lol. It feels so good when you start noticing your weight loss in your clothes, and then you carry on losing weight and suddenly its like "Oh fuck! I need to buy a whole new wardrobe because nothing fits me anymore..."
  2. Brendanpre

    Hello from Moe.Red

    Hey Moe! Good to see you around! Its been a bit boring with both you and Milson busy with other projects and not spending much time on the farm. How's the tissue culture research going? Anything interesting up your sleeve yet? Is this with your thcv isolate? Tell me more... I also need to...
  3. Brendanpre

    Hello from Moe.Red

    Tissue culture is something that I haven't really looked into, but I do find it interesting and will definitely be tagging along if you do go this route. It would seem ideal for hanging onto keeper strains while staying within plant count. We are still in a bit of a grey are here with regards...
  4. Brendanpre

    The resilience of cannabis is amazing

    I haven't tried it yet, but I've been told by quite a few people here that a spray bottle set to a solid jet just pops off that helmet when it sticks like that. You just have to try and get it at an upward angle from underneath, couple squirts and the seed shell just blows of with minimal damage...
  5. Brendanpre

    Seeds growing out of buds, first grow with CO2 and gavita 1700

    These things are also highly variable, sometimes a whole branch might have male flowers, sometimes they sort of grow off a stem like Moe's pic, and sometimes you may get male flowers in the middle of a female bud. The last type is usually hardest to spot, often it may just be a single flower or...
  6. Brendanpre

    Dirbags Rockin' Rockwool Revival Thread

    Yup! I've done that. Due to random drug testing at an old job, I stopped smoking in 2007 and started again in 2013 after I was laid off. In 2016 I moved to another city and while packing up my house I found a couple grams of stuff in a little ziploc baggie at the back of my wardrobe. It was from...
  7. Brendanpre

    Captain's Log: Dispatches from Planet Milson

    Absolutely! Too many people won't admit they are suffering because of this, they just try and tough it out on their own, and generally speaking, that does more harm than good... We all have our demons, we all go through dark times, sometimes we need a bit of help and support, it doesn't have to...
  8. Brendanpre

    High vs Flavour

    Honestly, for me I want both... Lol. I've had some really potent weed that tasted like shit and I've had some really tasty weed that did nothing in terms of high. Neither of them made me want to get/grow more of it. When I come across some really tasty, potent weed I tend to stock up a bit...
  9. Brendanpre

    Decarb Was Told Not To

    This is actually my favourite way to make brownies. I decarb my whole bud, grind it really fine and add it to my brownie mix. I actually find it seems a bit more potent than if I extract the same amount of bud into the butter used for the brownies. I've always just assumed that its something...
  10. Brendanpre

    Should I add UVB Light?

    When you start posting little teasers like that, I start getting excited...., :-)
  11. Brendanpre

    Granddaddy Purple ready to go?

    Have a look at the thread should I add uvb. Moe is doing an experiment at the moment, and the parts of the plants that are getting uvb are behaving differently to the parts that aren't. May help you answer some questions.
  12. Brendanpre

    Captain's Log: Dispatches from Planet Milson

    I really enjoy good strong Sativa's! Maybe not for nighttime smoke, but any other time, bring it on!
  13. Brendanpre

    Spider Farmer 420 Giveaway- SF Led Grow Light and SF Grow Tent

    Congrats to both of you! Hope you both enjoy your prizes!
  14. Brendanpre

    cut off root on accident

    It's amazing how tough they are at that age! I once had a plant that did the upside down thing, where the root grew up instead of down. By the time I noticed the root had dried up and died. I carefully scratched away the dirt and found that the cotyledons where trying to open underground! I...
  15. Brendanpre

    Need help deciding what lights to buy.

    If you don't mind ordering from China, via Alibaba, there are quite few guys using Kingbrite. Most are very happy with them at the price. They also have a choice of diodes for most of their models...
  16. Brendanpre

    Captain's Log: Dispatches from Planet Milson

    I'm quite curious about that Panama, interested in your opinion of it, when it's ready of course. And since you've got me looking into all things Haze, that killer A5 has got my attention too! It looks like it has the makings of something special...
  17. Brendanpre

    Captain's Log: Dispatches from Planet Milson

    I know right! I was just checking what was on offer and the auction had like 10mins to go and it was only €15.50... My only worry now is them getting to me. Our postal service is very third world, things go missing, mail gets lost and if you lucky you may get your mail within 30 days of it being...
  18. Brendanpre

    Captain's Log: Dispatches from Planet Milson

    On the vaccine front, I will be getting it as soon as our useless govt gets its ass moving. They have started with healthcare and front line workers, then the elderly will be next in line and then the rest of us will get it. The problem is that they are moving at snail speed. At the rate they...
  19. Brendanpre

    Captain's Log: Dispatches from Planet Milson

    MIIIILLLSOOOOON!!!!! Look what you've started now!
  20. Brendanpre

    Spider Farmer 420 Giveaway- SF Led Grow Light and SF Grow Tent

    South Africa. Good luck everyone!
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