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  1. ArrEll

    My 3rd Grow attempt

    TY much for the Guidance. I'd hate to make the mistake of harvesting early. 🙂
  2. ArrEll

    My 3rd Grow attempt

    TY I have decided to do just that. I smoked a little bit of that bud yesterday...harsh, Zippy high & gave me a headache. Should I ignore the yellowing of the leaves? I'll shorten the light cycle, stop all nutrients (already did, a week ago), and water only with ice-cold water (and not...
  3. ArrEll

    My 3rd Grow attempt

    May 10th 2021: Harvest Begins I’m a bit unsure if these plants are truly Ready for harvest, so I’m taking it slow…and giving myself time, to respond to others’ input. Leaves are Yellowing, signaling the end approaching for the plants’ lifecycle. Trichomes are Cloudy with just a trace of...
  4. ArrEll

    Early Male, chuck it right away?

    Crab Claws!!!!! Good to know, TY.
  5. ArrEll

    $1000 upgrade - best way to spend?

    I'm going to say the Lighting. Not to criticize, but you yourself say it's not so hot, and it IS one of the bigger expenses. And as long as your Grow area doesn't get so big that you can't handle watering it by hand, I wouldn't install an automated watering system, either. I like to...
  6. ArrEll

    My 3rd Grow attempt

    UPDATE May 2nd Not long to go, I believe. Maybe 2 weeks to go.....? I love the smell these are giving off. Like a mix of Bazooka Bubble Gum & a bit of Citrus, like Orange Rind. Glad I'm only growing two, or the smell might overwhelm my fan & filter. Q: Anyone familiar with the...
  7. ArrEll

    Chinese LED grow light

    I am using a "Green Go" 1200w LED light (Chinese), and it does the job just fine. I have a VERY small Grow and do not wish to spend a million bucks, just to grow one or two plants. I leave it at 100% and adjust the Height, to fit the PAR recommendation (500-1000). I paid $105.00 on...
  8. ArrEll

    My 3rd Grow attempt

    UPDATE April 25th 2021 Some yellowing of leaves near the bottom. I decided to add 1 teaspoon of Molasses, along with the AN nutes yesterday. Figured it couldn't hurt. I used Grandma's Unsulfured, but after reading about ("the best") Molasses, I ordered two bottles of Brer Rabbit...
  9. ArrEll

    Total newbie at this grow

    RE: ORGANIC: I have been interested in Organic growing, but have been unwilling to Commit to it, so I'll follow this thread to see how yours works out. I've read some very interesting things about Unsulfured/Blackstrap Molasses teas. It actually has an excellent "N-P-K" rating for...
  10. ArrEll

    What’s peoples thoughts on my first plant grow

    Is this an Autoflower? Photoperiod? You might want to keep notes on the major milestones, such as the date when you switch to 12/12 (if Photoperiod), date first Flowering appears, etc. Plus write down exactly what you're feeding them and how much. A pictorial Journal to go along with...
  11. ArrEll

    Total newbie at this grow

    They look Great, to me. Do you plan to fertilize Organically?
  12. ArrEll

    Are these done or dying

    I don't know what you've got going there, but it looks to me like they are in trouble. Bud sites lack development. Nowhere near ready. But those brown, shriveling leaves...?? Have you been fertilizing them? What with? (The N-P-K ratio). Lights?
  13. ArrEll

    Ready to flip? First time grow

    Just for sake of argument, you CAN flip anytime you like. You can even do it ALL the's called "12/12 From Seed". If you do it early, or do it now, it might reduce your Yield. But I have a tiny 2x2x4 ft grow tent and must keep them small - so I can relate. You should probably...
  14. ArrEll

    Split her on accident right down middle of the trunk

    Well, with the soil covering it, we have no clue what you did. We just have to use our imaginations. But your plant looks pretty healthy, for having suffered a huge insult. You could un-bury it and try to tape it, or leave it as it is. Your choice. If that's not practical, you...
  15. ArrEll

    Blackberry Kush Auto- Need some feedback guys

    A lot depends on where you got your seeds. Time-Lapse Video:
  16. ArrEll

    when filling pots with soil or whatever your using ?

    I do not "pack" any soil grow. I put my seedlings in and lightly Tamp the soil, with the flat palm (or fingers) of my hand. I make sure not to use all my soil at the time I plant my seedlings - then Add more soil, especially at the edges, a cup at a time, as the soil begins to Settle...
  17. ArrEll

    My 3rd Grow attempt

    Apr 12th Update: New pics. Nothing to report. Slow, steady progress. Foliage dense, no sign of disease, pests or deficiency. I've only had to pick off a couple of yellowing, shriveling leaves at the bottom. Fertilizing 2x/week. Both plants consuming just under 1L of water per...
  18. ArrEll

    My 3rd Grow attempt

    ANOTHER one of my frequent Updates lol. You can tell: I have nothing else to do. Yahoo, Pandemic. Actually I just got my 2nd vaccine shot of 2 with the Pfizer formula. Foliage continues to get Dense, and they seem to be turning dark(er) Green, in response to the Nitrogen in the AN...
  19. ArrEll

    My 3rd Grow attempt

    Thanking You Again, one & all. I will not attempt any defoliation...not worth the risk. I will, however, pinch off any Yellow leaves. especially the ones that appear down low, as necessary. As dense as this foliage is, I'm surprised there have not been more of them, so far...
  20. ArrEll

    My 3rd Grow attempt

    DEFOLIATION/TRIMMING.....SEEKING ADVICE Anyone think I should be Trimming or even Defoliation these Afghan Kush Photoperiods? They are doing SO famously with Advanced Nutrients (Micro, Grow, Bloom) fertilizer, which is New to me. I have left them alone so far, but man they're getting...
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