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  1. ILMedFarmer84

    Fairly new here. Medical grow

    I'm a medical grower in Illinois as well on my second run. Seriously impressed by the lollipopping, that looks good. Is that training string I see to achieve that? Also did you top that? FIM it? The only thing is the leaves are looking super droopy though, I would normally say overwatering but...
  2. ILMedFarmer84

    CO2 Use in a closed loop system

    Appreciate the input, it's an actual Much love, appreciate the info. I have a sealed room approx. 8x16, and I also have an 8 inch carbon filter. You run that full power 24x7? That's what I did with the open loop per the cubic square feet of my room and the recommend cfm on the fan, however, I...
  3. ILMedFarmer84

    CO2 Use in a closed loop system

    I need some guidance on my co2 for my closed loop setup. It's my second grow and my first was an open loop with air intake from the outside. With the temperatures getting to extremes, I decided to seal it up and go closed loop with a co2 tank for grow 2. I have the tank, regulator, and monitor...
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