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  1. JoryK

    Blueberry auto, ready or not?

    Hey brother, The only real way to tell when a plant is done is to look at the trichomes under magnification. ...I’d also advise moving it out of your room and into normal lighting before you do, as it makes it easier to see the variances in the individual trichomes better. You want...
  2. JoryK

    Need help setting up 67 infinty control

    mostly it’s to create negative air pressure in your tent, which is really good fir your plants, but to do that you are supposed to have two different strength fans. I run active intake systems as well, but I have a 6” exhaust and a 4” intake, which works great. should read up on active...
  3. JoryK

    2x Cloudline outtake fans in same tent?

    That should work out fine, with the exception that I’d get a larger intake than the 6”, an 8” would probably do it, but I boy were me, I’d go with a 10”. I’ve been growing going on 39 yes now, and my rule of thumb for active intakes has always been to get an intake one size smaller than your...
  4. JoryK

    Need help setting up 67 infinty control

    Yeah, I just got a née 67 controller in the other day and yeah, they could explain setup a tad better. Lol....I’m kinda wishing I’d just have gotten another of their regular digital controllers. Haha!
  5. JoryK

    Recommendations on good fans for 4x8 tent?

    I’d check into Growbuds 6” oscillating fans. I got two to try and liked them so much I ordered another 6 to replace all my hurricane fans. They’re on sale for $35 doee wen from $50 right now too.
  6. JoryK

    Recommendations on good fans for 4x8 tent?

    ...or you, lol.
  7. JoryK

    Hey folks.

    I’m just switching from his to LED’s as well. Have you have any difficulties getting used to the LED’s?
  8. JoryK

    Using free app to measure LUX - Help!

    The Mars Hydro ts600 is only 100 “true” watts (at wall), not 600w. Ts600 is just their model number for it, just as their ts1000 is only 150?”true” watts, which is the wattage number you need to be paying attention to.
  9. JoryK

    Do I have too much light?

    ...but before you start to consider running CO2, so you’ll really learn to grow without it first. You need to get at least a few grows under your belt and get to know the plant and it’s life cycle, and how it reacts to different stresses and other things during its life cycle as well as how the...
  10. JoryK

    Need help! Too MUCH light? Or too much defoliation.

    You should only remove the ones that you need to because they’re blocking light from a bud(s)
  11. JoryK

    Is this TOO much light for a 2x4x5 tent?

    Not necessarily. It depends on the type of dehumidifier you bought; there are two main types, electrostatic, and pump driven. The smaller ones they they have out these days for small areas like closets, bathrooms, and grow tents (for around 250sq/ft (lxwxh) max, depending on the model) are...
  12. JoryK

    Giveaway Free Test - Spider Farmer SE3000 LED and SF Grow Tent

    #spiderfarmerSE3000 Thanks a lot! ...good luck y’all!!! 😊
  13. JoryK

    Giveaway Free Test - Spider Farmer SE3000 LED and SF Grow Tent

    I love your products!!! am currently using two of your tents, as well as one of your ts1000’s and would love to try out your brand mew SE3000’s!!! #spiderfarmerSE3000
  14. JoryK

    Giveaway Free Test - Spider Farmer SE3000 LED and SF Grow Tent

    I’d love to try it!!!!!! #spiderfarmerSE3000 Thanks!!!
  15. JoryK

    315 Cmh/lec How Many Per 4x8 Have You Ran

    I don’t know. Actually, I think 5 would be too much. Personally, I think you’d be way better off going with 4 over a 6.5x6.5 x6 tent. I think either Growershouse or Trimleaf carry them, and for a pretty damn good price though.
  16. JoryK

    For Sale Dookie Farms clone onlys - GMO, Wedding Cake and more

    I’m interested in a couple GMO, and if you ever release any, some GDP and Purp Haze.
  17. JoryK

    where is everyone getting Seeds!!!

    ILGM is an international one, so be extra careful ordering beans internationally, especially with COVID, but they are a great seed bank! Robert Bergman knows his genetics and the prices are pretty good, with a lot of buy 10, get 10 free deals all the time if you sign up for their email messages...
  18. JoryK

    Spider Farmer LED Grow

    You can finance them through Growbuds. They have a couple types available, including Sezzle, which I use all the time, where you pay 25% when you order it and the rest is divided into equal payments every two weeks for next 6 weeks, and can be rescheduled if you like or need. I have mine taken...
  19. JoryK

    HPS light superior vs current led tech?

    I’ve seen enough evidence of it that it’s one of my biggest concerns with switching to LED’s.It’s not just changing lights, its just as much the light you choose...and I don’t want to choose the wrong one! Lol. What do you think of the Green Sunshine electric sky es300’s? I’ve seriously been...
  20. JoryK

    Spider Farmer LED Grow

    Lol, sorry, it’s early n I didn’t notice; my bad, sorry. ...n thx again, Jor
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