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    High from NRI

    plain and simple we need both big regulated grows and caregivers ..but lets be real tho mass is by far the most crooked state in the country their dragging feet getting all the ducks in a row so by the time its all set every penny will be squeezed out ..Then we get to see years later when...
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    Chemdawg Is This The Real History Or Part Of It

    Thanks caveman for saving this convo the adam dunn youtube show of this was removed ..My one question is who cracked the sour ? AJ said himself it wasn't him so who ? He also said to chem during that show we got it from the same place.. im assuming WEASEL he found it ? this is where i get...
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    Current Mass caregivers are going to be

    Control control control money money money .so your saying now I have to go to my reg doc to get a card ? No doc's gonna want to put his shit on the line for weed so that means less people getting cards and less people getting cards means less money these fucks make off shops when they open lol...
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    Tre OG (Tahoe OG x Tres Dawg)

    how did the sourdawg and tredawg ix come out for ya ?
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    CSI: HUMBOLDT...Round One Drop...

    How are there bubba s1 and 91 chem x bubba left... i wouldn't be sleeping on these
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    The History of OG Kush

    Either way i enjoyed the story.. lets only hope its all true right... i was cracking up thinking about woody harrelson and jack nicholson in this mansion filled with plants i had to google both those 2 big bust and i was surprised ive never came across them before in my searches online also cool...
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    Franchise Genetics Grown Outdoors

    Good to know bud my dreamkillers are going into flower mon prob hope the mix pheno i got has the mix of both terps and yield
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    CSI: HUMBOLDT...Round One Drop...

    Dang if i wasnt broke id be all over all these maybe my friend will grab me some at the emerald cup if yall will be there this year i gotta get there one of these days sounds like my type of cup good organic outdoor mmmm
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    CSI: HUMBOLDT...Round One Drop...

    hey GDL ask tha docta about that i remember him saying something a lil while back
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    Franchise Genetics Grown Outdoors

    lol Theres your 10 footer looking good nice recovery
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    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    wow what a run you got going waayne i bet the mixture of smells in that room right now just smacks you in the face when you walk in everythings on point as always
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    The Search for California Gold...Feminized Hybrids...Limited Edition Releases

    all sound real nice to me id be all over those ..was it you i seen had a nice pure kush i would love to see that in rd 3 and sour too
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    TK Killer

    You got this goo i agree with caregiver pop the rest ... plus i dont there is gonna be a shortage of franchise genetics gear in the future.
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    Chem D BX3 "Lets Get Crackn"

    I hear ya there sym i watched 2 packs go should have pulled the trigger on em
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    TK Killer

    shits are gonna be Boss ill be stopping in to check em out good luck and good score .....nbk=stardog ix of [cory cut]
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    Franchise Genetics Grown Outdoors

    Damn you gotta love the growth on outdoor plants ..As for the big E you could have stunted them a lil with hot soil or the PH could have been off going by your seedling pics but they look great now good luck ...killing it
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    Stardawg (Chem 4 x Tres Dawg)

    Good stuff GDL your work is is aways top notch stardawg for the win ....I was wondering how your tre og came out i seen the bubble you made but not the flowers .. I still have some of them and onycd in the stash along with a few others i wanna get to... wonka wonka wonka lol sourdawg is now aj...
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    Share your Garden Of Dreams Picture's.

    Thats weird how did OD and alien kush make small yield i have 4 females going now yield is fair but i expected bigger from this combo but they are looking real nice and frosty at day 45-50 ish lets see how they swell up in the last few weeks here
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    Green Dot Labs Loompa Farms Grows

    Everything looking good as always ..did you ditch the og squared ? the one female i got looks very similar to the two you posted and is 3 weeks in and the smell is incredible but looks to yield like the gsc forum cut and also has the claw thing going on a lil
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    Loompa Farms WINS Humboldt Mecca cup

    congrats to loompa farms and csi ...will yall be going to the emerald cup this year ?
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