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  1. soopy

    Drohammad’s Fine Art Cannabis Photography

    Sweet Jesus @GET MO ....those pics are stunning!! Wow, my hat is off to you my good man.....very impressive to say the least. Good to see you around, I’ve always enjoyed your input. Best vibes and wishes to you and yours man...happy holidays.
  2. soopy

    ID This Chem...

    Looks like it could be Chem#4...looks very nice, what ever it is/was. Beautiful plants man.
  3. soopy

    Tobor's Project Undiscovered Fire

    I hope you are doing ok Tobor, best vibes and wishes to you and yours my good man...I think of you often...I just told someone about your cemetery grows the other day, still one of the coolest things a grower has ever done! I’m planning on haveing coffee and catching up with the Joker next...
  4. soopy

    Chem Kush Pix

    Holy shit, those are some stunning plants and hat is off good sir.
  5. soopy

    Summer 2016 In The Greenhouse With Doobieduck

    Stunning plants Doobie!! They look magnificent trained the way they hat is off my good man, fall will be a sight to behold. Any plans to do more scale-play work? I could see a scale-model train chugging through that forest, lol. Best wishes and vibes to you and your wife, take care.
  6. soopy

    Darkmadders Flowers Etc.

    Hot damn! Those are some fine flowers man....wowzers. How do you like the BigE? She's a
  7. soopy

    Darkmadders Flowers Etc.

    Sweet list and tip man! I clone a few of the same varieties you run, tips are always welcome in this community, thank you! What's the concentration of the aspirin solution? What brand of tablets? Respect sir....
  8. soopy

    New Strains

    No, its an acclimated(NorCal) pre-soviet afghani (Petrolia Headstash) x a Kentucky sativa "Killer New Haven(?) that was made back in the late 89's-early 90's I believe by Steve Tuck but has since been worked into several different lines by different breeders over the years. MotaRebel has...
  9. soopy

    New Strains

    No idea, haven't popped any yet. Both lines were super early outdoors so my idea for the cross was to find something that finishes fast and frosty. End of August early....
  10. soopy

    Boston Bling is it real?

    Is this the same Bling that Hightimes covered in an interview with the creator? From what I remember it was a selected LUI from the east coast dusted with White Widow pollen from Co...always wanted to try this one, glad to hear it's still out there and that it's good!
  11. soopy

    New Strains

    Very nice hybrids man! I particularly like the sound of Chemo x Heri, LUI f3's and the Psychosis x Heri. I've grown out a few Heri crosses and f-gens from [email protected]/Mota and do have a sweet spot for her. I did some Heri x BioDiesel and some Heri x Deep Chunks...
  12. soopy

    Bodhi Seeds Thread.

    No, it's Chem#3 x Sunshine Daydream. It was only listed at a spot for a second, a few years ago. Kinda a Sunshine#4 remix...
  13. soopy

    Bodhi Seeds Thread.

    Stoked to have an Ancient and some Sunshine#3 outside this summer. SS#3 is a beast!!
  14. soopy

    Nevilles Haze Outdoor

    Very nice man....very nice. How's the smoke?
  15. soopy

    Csi: Humboldt...round 2 Drop...a Taste Of The Purple Plague!

    Hell yeah! I can't wait to see my Purple Snows finish out...gracias mi amigo!
  16. soopy

    Hazeman (chemdxheadband) (bubbaxheadband) Bodhi (urklexghani) Two Dog Farms

    Those sound dank! I need to get on some of his loompa crosses...Chem D x will be epic...
  17. soopy

    DoobieDuck's Macro Cannabis Images

    Stunning pics Doob!! That last one.....dang...... You have an amazing eye mi amigo!
  18. soopy

    Hatch's Room Of Mouth Pleasures

    Good idea, there could be a few HALTs that might want an extra week or two, not too long though...but most should be in the standard 8-10 weeks for a OG hybrid. I can't wait to see what you got!
  19. soopy

    Hatch's Room Of Mouth Pleasures

    They all look awesome man, rockin that green thumb for sure... Looks like you have a few Gogi leaners, as far as leaves go. You going to light-dep them or full season?
  20. soopy

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Killin it mang, as usual.....just got to try out some Overlord(LHB) and its fuckin amazing....I can only imagine the funk in your rooms..... Respect.
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