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  1. Buzzzxx

    Blue Dream 8 weeks close to harvest

    Agreed that its more like 4 weeks to harvest. Lots of pistols still and lots of swelling still to come in the buds.
  2. Buzzzxx

    Are these GSC buds done?

    I think she looks ready to go! Beautiful plant
  3. Buzzzxx

    Are these Girl Scout Cookie buds ready for harvest?

    Agreed. I personally would check again around week 10. You want all those white pistols to turn darker, red or brown, and sink into the buds as they do their final swell. This is when the flowers bulk up and put on weight. If you have a jewlers loop you should start checking tricombs when the...
  4. Buzzzxx

    Not a very good pic but wtf

    Yes its definitely sap. I have had this tons of times during defloilation and harvest. Nothing to be concerned about
  5. Buzzzxx

    Maine made

    Welcome! Another maniac here!
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