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  1. jammie

    Ppm Going Up, Ph Down - 7th Week Of Flo.

    When plants are feeding heavily ph tends to rise and ppm’s Drop. A .3 drop/ change in ph isn’t anything to worry about. It sounds like your girls are ready for harvest if they’re not eating much.
  2. jammie

    Top 5 Breeders?

    ace seed has the biggest and best selection of sativas. ive grown their malawi gold and it was a sky high soaring high.
  3. jammie

    Strange Wrinkled Looking Leaves

    looks like nute burn to me. try lowering ppm's 50% for a week and see if the new growth returns to normal
  4. jammie

    Going To Aruba- What’s The Weed Scene

    Thanks for all the info guys. I especially like Task’s idea and will be taking my “this bud’s for you” tee shirt
  5. jammie

    Going To Aruba- What’s The Weed Scene

    going in February. Was wondering about trying to bring some versus buying. Thanks for any info.
  6. jammie

    Problem With Seedlings?

    Yep that does look like light burn. Ar was all over that !
  7. jammie

    A Month In On 8 Gelato

    hey there Shawnery, just stumbled on this post. Bought some gelato33 beans for next grow so wishing you the best. I'm a long time 5gallon dwc grower.
  8. jammie

    April, Photo Of The Month

    ethos collective's citral glue
  9. jammie

    New To Here... Fresh Harvest

    hey scooba, i have lots of trim. do you have any good recipes or website recommendations for using trim to make edibles? thanks for any advice buddy
  10. jammie

    New To Here... Fresh Harvest

    pretty impressive looking buds for a 400. i like to wet trim also
  11. jammie

    What Is The Best Gg#4 Hybrid Or S1?

    Ethos collective has several. Just finished growing their citral glue and have it hanging but frosty as hell. they also just released a straight gg4. can find plenty of good pics of their gear on instagram.
  12. jammie

    Ionic Nutrients??

    Hey there Jase. i used the ionic line exclusively for the last 5 or so years in DWC. very ph stable, good results
  13. jammie

    Kids Call These Mids In Norcal.. Purple Punch

    hell ya i'd smoke that!!
  14. jammie

    Any Dgc In The House?

    hey there SS. thanks for the heads up on the DGC. grand master level is another great grow and educate you tube channel.
  15. jammie

    Issues After Changing To Flower Mode

    seems kindda early in flower to be developing a nitrogen deficiency and nitro doesn't tend to get locked out. Hows your humidity. low humidity will cause decreased transpiration and some yellowing. Is the yellowing all over, or only top or bottom?? pics might help
  16. jammie

    Tangie And Cream

    damn-- those are some of the best looking seeds ive seen in a long time
  17. jammie

    February, Photo Of The Month

    cookie wreck
  18. jammie

    When Do I Mark First Day Of Flowering?

    No there isn't. Trich color just signifies degree of ripening. some people like green tomatoes. I have had plants where i get a spurt of new growth on a ripened bud or two but if 90% of the plant is showing cloudy trichs with 10-20% amber, it gets chopped.
  19. jammie

    When Do I Mark First Day Of Flowering?

    No i wouldn't chop, but i would write a pulitzer prize winning article about a cannibis plant could have have 30% amber trichs but still have more than a few whire hairs
  20. jammie

    When Do I Mark First Day Of Flowering?

    Rhino got it right. The only reliable indicator is trich color. So I count days only so I know when to pull out the digital microscope or plan for flush
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