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  1. Rooke

    I Lost 50% of my garden.

  2. Rooke

    Underground grower and GTH is my main grow but doing some bubble gum as well

    Heya GTX!! I just stumbled onto it weird I’m wondering how the bubblegum turned out?
  3. Rooke

    Cat Keeps Peeing in Plant

    Heya farmer it will probably kill your plants if it keeps happening I had it happen to a friend of mine 😞
  4. Rooke

    Let's see your 2021 Outdoor Plants!

    Hey y’all let the outdoor games begin! So happy to see how things are greening up every where, such awesome work y’all !!!! I’m just about finished my hardening. I normally have them out 2 weeks sooner but the weather was too fucked up kinda glad I waited now. One more day of 1/2 sun then full...
  5. Rooke

    Let's see your 2021 Outdoor Plants!

    heya cracker!! What a nice spread you have there and your plants look amazing too your going to have your hands full of it come fall Keep the sunny side up!!!
  6. Rooke

    Fan leaf stems turning purple!? Help

    that’s pretty facked up Cobba I thought we had similar laws but I’m wrong in believing so. Sure glad my beans coming here from the states make it every time. We are supposed to be purchasing them from a govt approved vendor though I’m a rebel in their eyes I guess. Hope your on the mend buddy
  7. Rooke

    Madmax's first grow in coco coir

    She’s pretty freaky cool man colas galore!!!
  8. Rooke

    Am I doing paper towel method wrong

    I know lmao like I said anal oh yeah and ocd as well! Crazy ☮️
  9. Rooke

    Am I doing paper towel method wrong

    Hey there🤛 I soak my seeds in distilled water until they drop some sometimes I swirl them around in the cup to get them to drop then I take a piece of paper towel fold it in half and put it in a solo cup pour distilled water on the towel until it’s wet with it stuck it the inside of the and...
  10. Rooke

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Heya Ghost things are looking mighty fine keep doing your thing my friend I Love your style of growing massive XXXL buds that’s what any grower dreams of!!!! Wish I could try the end result!!!!
  11. Rooke

    ok im going to try this out.

    Now you’re rocking it! Personally I would give up on the Weak triplets now and focus on your healthy happy plants !!!
  12. Rooke

    Are these girls already in flower? Haven’t even moved them outside yet!

    Hardening is a stepped approach to transitioning your plants from artificial light to full sun over several days. Perhaps your method of waiting is fine!!! it worked in the past for you. If I see that we will have two or three consecutive days of rain I’ll do my transplants then or go the...
  13. Rooke

    Are these girls already in flower? Haven’t even moved them outside yet!

    Nice plants you have there!! Just growing new leaves doing their thing happy as can be!!! Curious as to why you are waiting for 2 more weeks to start hardening them? I’m going to start mine on Friday or Saturday and I’m north of you probably at 44.4 N lat.
  14. Rooke

    Kanzeon's Perpetual Growth and Death Thread

    In a good way 🔥
  15. Rooke

    PipeCarver's Nova Scotian grow den

    Glad you figured it out PC troubleshooting electrical shit can be a pain in the ass dissimilar metals as well. I hope you can revive your gals man! As far as autos and transplanting them go like you said make their mould with their pot and tuck them in and you’re golden bro! I do it that way...
  16. Rooke

    Madmax's first grow in coco coir

    I’m speechless Max
  17. Rooke


    Thanks for sharing the vid bro I’ll have to listen to it again there’s a lot of good info shared on there. So would it be fair to say that if you treat your media like a big sponge sitting on a cinder block in a 10 gallon pail watered 1/3 up the sponge when you water the top of the sponge will...
  18. Rooke

    Theyre first night out .i hope theyll be ok

    Hey there Devin just a bit of advice for you. Knowing where you are I would search for Indica strains that have flowering times that are 7-8 weeks I have good success with them 10 weeks is pushing it until the end of October we had 4 frosts by that time last year take care buddy keep trying to...
  19. Rooke

    I need help, using the gh flora nova. My plants are drying up on the bottom snd the leaves are turning colors.

    Oh oh this doesn’t look very good bro. It looks like you needed to have transplanted them into bigger pots awhile ago. The nutes aren’t the problem I ran mine at 80% of full strength and never had a problem with them at all. Did you put them outside in full sun? The sun is very strong compared...
  20. Rooke

    Attempting to grow landrace Colombian

    Hey there, I truly admire your patience buddy I hope to see your new beans sprout like Jack and the beanstalk!
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