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  1. dollardos

    Help with Bugs in reservoir

    If you just hate seeing them wash out the rez with a lil bleach once a week and use all water soluble products.
  2. dollardos

    Best Organic Fertiliser for soil grow

    Here are some plans and a video 👇👇 Enjoy
  3. dollardos

    Anyone use calmag when growing in soil?

    i would say YES 🙂 and you can make Cal -Mag from CALCIUM NITRATE and MAGNESIUM SULPHATE roughly 25% Calcium and 15% Nitrogen and MAGNESIUM SULPHATE (Epsom salts or magnesium and sulfur) 10% Magnesium and 13% Sulfur.
  4. dollardos


    Thanks guys I’m really struggling with this decision I want to go CMH to reduce heat my budget is not that great I believe the fixture are all the same plug in a good bulb and boom it’s on 😂 or maybe not
  5. dollardos


    Do you recommend these there priced lower than ones I’ve seen at Hydro shops And do you have a link on construction of a grid where I can lower and raise lights at once I’m gonna have 20 lights in my space
  6. dollardos

    Cheap alternatives to overpriced hydroponic nutrients

    Where can I get ag grade mycorrhizae at. What is the best one I like great white but it's way tooo pricey
  7. dollardos

    Fox Farm Cha Ching Question

    As with any booster in my opinion. I flush with the booster only early then straight water twards the end so on on day 1-6 of the 14 days I'll use booster day 7 all water
  8. dollardos

    Cheap alternatives to overpriced hydroponic nutrients

    i am trying to keep some mom plants i use 3-2-1 in PROMIX HP is there anything else i can use to promote micro biological growth in the soil. everything else i run is flood and drain Using Jacks has been good for me except some yellowing when i switch to half the amount and use my...
  9. dollardos

    My Friend Gifted Me Now I Need Help

    What do you think about putting the rock wool in dirt there in 6 inch cubes and doing a quick irrigation system or hand watering
  10. dollardos

    My Friend Gifted Me Now I Need Help

    A friend of mine needed a home for some pretty laidies so he gave them to me. Only problem is I'm in rock wool. ebb & Flow these plants rare in dirt I want to put them on thesame table it's the only place I have space. Any advice ⌛️
  11. dollardos

    Cheap alternatives to overpriced hydroponic nutrients

    Thanks I found a rooting powder at ace hardware for $7 It's great
  12. dollardos

    Soil To Ebb N Flo System

    Watching your ph and water temp is important Use and always have H2O2 in stock. I use it at 3ml per gal 3days after I change the Rez Keeps the table clean roots clean
  13. dollardos

    Old Stage Green Cleaner

    Does the ISO do any harm to the buds. I clean my trimmers with 99% alcohol Mites are kicking my ass right now I don't use pesticides but. I've been thinking about it Just joking. I'm just frustrated I've been using a mix of eucalyptus rosemary and. Peppermint oil with a few drops of...
  14. dollardos

    Mi In The Top 3?

    When I'm on YouTube and I see these massive grows with looks like hundreds of plants How is that possible In Mi all we can have is 72.
  15. dollardos

    Cheap alternatives to overpriced hydroponic nutrients

    Does anyone have anything to say about MB Ferts Carb Load. I've used it and didn't know enough about it to probably use it correctly What it improves? Grams per gallon? When to use ? I'm also looking for a low cost product for improving taste. I use jacks and all the other things discuses...
  16. dollardos

    How To Compare Grow Lights

    So when I need to work in the dark like spraying or when I'm behind. What's the best way to go about it. I've used green light don't know I was doing it wrong
  17. dollardos

    How To Compare Grow Lights

    1. Is this a ok green bulb to use 2. Does anyone have an opinion on this igrow light
  18. dollardos

    Spider Mites ! Week 6 Into Flower

    I use a mix of Rosemary oil 10 drops Peppermint oil. 10 Drops Neem oil 5ml per gal Drop or 2 of dish soap Spray when the lights are off What do you all think of this I'm thinking about adding alcohol
  19. dollardos

    New Here Need Some Advice From You L.e.d. Vets Before I Order

    there 50 dollars for white and 70 for bloom 19watt on both
  20. dollardos

    honey as a root starter on clones

    any one have a link of something that they tried and found to be successful also a friend of mine said to crush up aspirin and mix the powder with the honey i really don't know I'm just tired of giving all my cash to the HYDRO stores
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