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    1000 watt lights.. Which reflector?

    Where can u buy those "GROWSTAR" shades online??? every time i see them i just drool,
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    Upstairs or basement? Which is better for odor?

    i prefer the basement
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    great buds, i also have a 1000k lumatek and it seems to ignight the 100k hortilux bulb fine, but the 1000k mh hortilux bulb seems to be a bit off. and thats after taking it back to worms way three times. Fortunatly i am months away from germination.
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    S'up THC ?

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    new to the farm

    hello all new 2 the site, love it can't wait to start posting pics of my lil system n getting some of the thcbay strains offered, nut for now will be starting with 21 lowryder x ak47 and 21 lworyder diesel under 2 lumtek 1k's in 2 4x4 ebb n flow system with the big 6 x 6 6x grodan cube, but...
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    Seedbank warning!!!!

    damn i have 21 lowryder ak47 from attitude i hope i don't have that prob
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    Green house color coated fems,reallly males?

    i'm a bit confused if Green house is such a sham how do they continue to win the cups?? i'm going with 21 lowryder x ak47 but this is just for some quick herb i really want that super stash, where can i get mr. nice beans ???? In the heartland keep it lit
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