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  1. Melvan

    Beans For Brakeman Auctions

    Placing this in this forum because I believe many of you may know him from both places, as well as Cannetics and other forums. Hi all. Just wanted to let everyone know that the bean auctions to help Brakeman's family (some of you know him as ScooterTrash, others as Prodigal Son if you're old...
  2. Melvan

    Gnats, Do I Need To Worry?

    There's an old housewife method called The Potato Trap that will help. Cut up a potato into 1-2 inch pieces, lay them on top of the soil. 24 hours later pick them up and look underneath, larvae will be there if they're in your soil. Just throw the potato away with the larvae on it. Change the...
  3. Melvan

    Opinions On Cloning.

    Zombie you can buy them in 2 different ways. Just the refill box, which is what I buy. Or you can get them already in trays made just for them the first time around. You get fewer wedges to start, but in the future you can just buy the refill box and reuse the trays.
  4. Melvan

    Opinions On Cloning.

    I spend about $80 a year on cloning supplies using Oasis Grow Medium Wedges and a $4 cannister of GardenSense Rooting Powder. Here's a tutorial on how they work Good luck.
  5. Melvan

    Buckeye Purple

    And don't you forget it, lol.
  6. Melvan

    Hi there. I was just scrolling through some threads here (I'm always reading, lol) and saw your...

    Hi there. I was just scrolling through some threads here (I'm always reading, lol) and saw your name just wanted to send you a quick hello, hope all is well with you. You can find me at (nice little grow forum with lots of my long time friends as members) or at...
  7. Melvan

    Hey Silas. Don't hang here, but if you're interested in keeping up with me you can find me here...

    Hey Silas. Don't hang here, but if you're interested in keeping up with me you can find me here or on twitter @Melvanetics See you around.
  8. Melvan

    are these hermaphrodites???????
  9. Melvan

    First Grow in new room (17 Plants)

    I've run the Skunk OG18 5 times. She is a great smoke. Currently I have a seed run of her with males of Grape God and Dynamite. If I can find a pheno that maximizes the massive bud formation she and the Grape God have with the big head skunk buzz of the SOG18 I'll be one happy chic. She is...
  10. Melvan

    questions on autoflowering strains

    I believe that some autoflowers can be cloned, it all depends on how assertive the traits are from the photoperiod parent they're crossed with. If you've been growing 12/12 strains you are going to be very disappointed in the quality of the smoke from an autoflower. I've never smoked any that I...
  11. Melvan

    are these hermaphrodites???????

    Soap Box Time Sorry for the hermie situation, but this is what comes of feminized seeds. Next time get regular seed and pull out your males. And do not grow any from bagseed, which also tend to come from hermied plants. Please do not grow any of the seeds you find, feed them to the birds...
  12. Melvan

    Creating Feminized Seeds

    I predict that within 10 years, maybe less, the premium prices will be paid for landrace seeds and people will have to start all over, with the best money being paid for seeds with no possible hermie crossing in its parentage, which basically will take the hobby back to square one. This trait...
  13. Melvan

    Odor origin

    I agree totally that air also contributes to pollination, no doubt. But in an evolutionary sense, flowers develop scent to attract pollinators. I also agree that we have bred them to be stinkier than they ever would have bred themselves to be in nature. I know that I've seen many types of...
  14. Melvan

    ok to trim most fan leaves?

    Here's a link to a great article that explores the prune/don't prune issue from both sides presenting supporting scientific evidence for both. Very interesting read that raises valid points for both options.
  15. Melvan

    Starting from scratch

    Download the free text for Clarke's Marijuana Botany
  16. Melvan

    Odor origin

    In the end, you're smelling a flower. The purpose of the flower having scent is to attract the insects or birds they use for pollination in the wild, depending on what relationship the plant has with its pollinators its going to evolve a scent that attracts them. Skunkier, earthier smelling...
  17. Melvan

    enviromental clusterfuck??

    "environmental clusterfuck"? That sounds like a Matt Riot response to a question. (Oh, boy, now I'm gonna get it)
  18. Melvan

    ok to trim most fan leaves?

    To me, purple stems mean you have a phosphorous deficiency that should be corrected. Hermaphrodism isn't connected to cloning, which isn't really cloning, it's just rooting a cutting. For some reason that term started getting used because the cutting is identical genetically. Clones are...
  19. Melvan

    Today is the day

    Funny. I agree with everything you said, but at least he'll be familiar with what needs to be done to correct things, he won't be floundering around blind. He's running Pro-Mix, but what you say about coco is 100% correct.
  20. Melvan

    Need Growing Tips!

    I say you're not ready to grow yet. You need to do a lot more reading and learning if you don't even know how to pick the proper soil yet. That wasn't meant to be a bitchy comment, just a fact. All you're going to end up doing is wasting a lot of time and money and get little or no pot...
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