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  1. another_sellout

    growing for others under 64

    Amen, sir. My bad on the date. I'm without coffee this morning. But the weight trap has already been legally side-stepped elsewhere. In Michigan they call it an "overage" and instead of "selling" marijuana, they "sell" their sweat equity into the product. Magic!
  2. another_sellout

    growing for others under 64

    NO! Did you bother to try looking up the law to read or did you come here first? If you can't find, read and understand the law by yourself, you need a lawyer. If you can't afford a lawyer, why would you try to open a co-op? The law, 64 itself, says: They will (as of January 6th, after the...
  3. another_sellout


    Cap- Fine sir, I understand that we do live in a society where the "easiest" thing to do is sell the hours of our lives to someone else in exchange for a few dollars in order to purchase what we "can't" provide for ourselves. You brew your own microbes. Probably your own beer. And you're...
  4. another_sellout

    does anyone know the law on helicopters

    I don't know where you are, but in Mendocino they used to have a Huey pilot Vietnam vet they'd use. Real tree top flyer. He'd fly in, tilt that bird back and blow the whole canopy open for the cops to look through. Ducked him a couple times. Those weren't carded grows, mind you, but they flew...
  5. another_sellout

    EWC Tea & PH Swings

    Dead microbes are the chelated humus your plants eat. That's all. Beyond that, if you're nutrient solution is aerated properly, I've found that a diversity of healthy beneficials can actually balance your pH levels. Try adding an inoculant like Maximum Myco to your tea and see if you can...
  6. another_sellout

    I Need a Doc in the Springs

    I just called to re-up one of my patient's cards. Dr. Bruce isn't booked up. They have appointments available every day they are in the office in the Springs, normally Tuesday and Thursday. Hope that helps.
  7. another_sellout

    I Need a Doc in the Springs

    I've gone to Dr. Bruce exclusively for myself and my patients since 2006, and just got two 18 plants cards and a 12 plant card the last time I was in. I know he didn't give extended plant numbers until 1043 passed a couple years ago. He's very aware of the 8 doctors that lost their licenses for...
  8. another_sellout


    First off, state regulated and state run are very different. I think you may be confused there. I've got my finger on that pulse, and I can assure you that we will not be selling herb like Utah sells booze. As for regulating THC levels, that's why I got a chromatograph. You can't sell alcohol...
  9. another_sellout

    Amendment 64 & a recreational collective

    How'd you know I got my horse high?
  10. another_sellout


    I had a dream last night that woke me in a cold sweat. Not my normal nightmares of Iraq. It was a warm dream. The sun shone on me as I walked in serene meditation. My hands covered themselves with hash as they brushed gently over the fields of marijuana that covered the Rocky Mountain hillsides...
  11. another_sellout

    Amendment 64 & a recreational collective

    Passion? As someone who's worked with SAFER, CSMCC, the Veterans Cannabis Council, and Veterans for 64, petitioned the CDPHE for PTSD and put my ugly grill on Fox news for this shit, I'm very simply offended when a month AFTER what we've struggled for years on happens, we're surrounded with the...
  12. another_sellout

    Amendment 64 & a recreational collective

    I post to help a grower with sick plants. I post to help with what I know. What I know here: He can't even provide his own due diligence in checking into the law, so much so that he trolls on a pot site somewhere to glean information from shit house lawyers. So, no. Don't think he has what it...
  13. another_sellout

    How much stretch on chem 91 and hardcore harvest

    In Montrose? I just sold an Aeroflo to Tim! Spoke with him at length. He seemed highly knowledgable about his genetics and their sources. As for lank, just bring enough light! The whole Chem lineage is forgiving as long as it has enough light to do it's magic.
  14. another_sellout

    Whatta damn summer......

    Tip of the hat, sir. I know how it gets out behind those locked gates.
  15. another_sellout

    Amendment 64 & a recreational collective

    I've been doing this for 17 years. I get up every day and grow. This is what I do for my income. This is my industry. What are you? A plumber?
  16. another_sellout

    cant figure this one out (iron, sulfur, calcium deficiency. off gassing or light bleaching)

    Three ideas: One- Check your soil's pH. If you can't do that, measure the pH off your run off water. You may be surprised. Two- Just very rarely, that gold color is a lack of chlorine. Three- Did the sick clones come from a different source from the healthy plants? Almost all infection...
  17. another_sellout


    Well, kiss your outdoor crop goodbye! Industrial hemp means industrial pollen. Our plants are now forced indoors, behind more filters and fans and wasted electricity... Sigh.
  18. another_sellout

    whats the one thing u wish u had thought of or knew b4 u built your grow area?

    I wish someone would have told me that it was all a scam, and they don't want to you to be successful at growing pot! It's a gold rush and the majority of the people making the money are selling the shovels! They just want you to buy more shit and spend millions on the gear you see in industry...
  19. another_sellout

    Experimental sativa grow

    Two things I hope help. First is to look up the term "espalier". It's the actual art of plant cropping. You'll enjoy it. Second is to hit up DJ Short's tips for breeding for sativa. They're here on the Farm in the Breeder's Lab. Must read for any sativa grower if you really want those nice...
  20. another_sellout

    Multiple plants per 10" netpot

    More plants will save you the time of vegging and cropping multiple times. Three plants with two weeks of veg is as good as one plant with six weeks of veg. It's going to save you a month, and a whole lot on electric, that's for sure.
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