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  1. jadins_journey

    Can a 600w or 1000w hps keep a grow room warm?

    These things are perfect for a grow room, use one in mine during the winter. Safe, cheap, effective, can't ask for more than that. jj
  2. jadins_journey

    Cloning in rockwool.

    I take a phillips screw driver make the hole large enough to stick the stem through, place it in hydroton cover and flood. RW is really just here to hold moisture. Roots develope on the stem below the RW. jj
  3. jadins_journey

    Hortilux Super Blue 1000w Dual Arc

    I had one dual arc blow, and it was a complete blow out. When it goes it goes completely. I buy bulbs with a 12 month warranty, so the replacement was free. Like TK said you should replace bulbs often so if it goes out after 12 months it really shouldn't have been in the room to start with. jj
  4. jadins_journey

    Hortilux Super Blue 1000w Dual Arc

    that distance was for measuremnt purposes only, not the distance for growing. TK is correct in that they do produce less lumens but the spectrum more than compensates. Price from my hydro store has dropped from $189 down to $169 since they started carrying them. jj
  5. jadins_journey

    Question regarding ozone

    Ozone will make a human sick if your not careful. Ozone poisoning is not something I recommend, ran my generator while painting my grow room once and I'll never make that mistake again. Spent more time pukeing my guts out than I did painting. jj
  6. jadins_journey

    jj's garden

    My system got destroyed this weekend, every plant every light bulb etc. Damn women when they get pised off, moved to another state and will be up and running, someday soon. jj
  7. jadins_journey

    What would you do? Main cola fell over

    Nice problem to have (heavy buds that is). Prop it up best you can like Rollin said, if the finger leaves start to dry up in the next couple of days then the cola needs to go but let the remainder flower. jj
  8. jadins_journey

    Preventing condensation on air-cooled hoods

    your absolutely correct, has nothing what so ever to do with RH in your room. Either do what mrdizzle said or use some form of heat exchanger to warm your incoming air. I just did a quick google search for "heat exchangers" and came up with some simple ideas. Condensation on a 1K bulb is...
  9. jadins_journey

    mothers 24/7?

    24/7 here as well. Understand the benefits of a dark cycle and bulbs are cheap in the 400 range but I want short dense bushes so 24/7 it is. jj
  10. jadins_journey

    Can 9000

    Appreciate the input GroHi, this is a short term solution (hopefully) for a long term issue that has to be addressed to continue growing here. jj
  11. jadins_journey

    Can 9000

    Time for some new carbon for the tents and I had wanted to order a new FootHill Filter to match my old one and get some replacement carbon for the old one at the same time. Emailed back and forth with FootHill and when it was time to order they dropped the ball in replying. Did some shopping...
  12. jadins_journey

    1 year with light mover what a waste of $$$

    I'll go with what one of the top growers here at the Farm thinks of movers and he is the only person I have ever seen to find some true use for movers and that is Texas Kid. He runs them in his mother room where light intensity is not as important other than that use here is the best advice...
  13. jadins_journey

    Pruning during veg. state

    if it is not dead leave it alone. jj
  14. jadins_journey

    dont grow w/o carbon filter

    Ozone is for treating exhaust air only, running one indoors can and will make a person sick (first had experience). jj
  15. jadins_journey

    jj's garden

    Hell DJ, I am harvesting your mothers sisters LOL, 'bout damn time you get some babies off those girls. Looking good buddy. Spent the night at work designing my next nydro system, modified version of an old DIY gig I did back in this journal a year or so ago. The manifold is my grow room...
  16. jadins_journey

    need some advice starting hydro

    Leddog has given you some really good advice but... hydro is the way to go. Sure a ppm and ph meter are absolutely necessary, no way around that purchase. Here's a link to what I think is the perfect little system for guys that are new to hydro...
  17. jadins_journey

    Question: Which lights should i use for veg?

    or maybe 3 I run Floro's, then a 250mh, and finish veg under a 400mh. Start low then move up as the plant developes. jj
  18. jadins_journey

    help with hydroton and ph drift

    I run Technaflora and hydroton, been using the same mixes for over 30 grows. Never have a ph swing like yours unless the nutes are out of balance for the plants. Your running my system, and not much has been mentioned about a very important aspect of hydro. What's your ppm change daily (I...
  19. jadins_journey

    Novice Grow Room Questions?1??

    Lot's of reading and lots of learning. Do any of the new guys ever spend ANY time reading the grow log section. Most all your questions can be ansewered there. Oh yea, your math is way off from the start, your grow room is well over 350 cubic feet. jj
  20. jadins_journey

    question about flowering?

    24 hours after I set my timer is day 1, some guys say the exact day you set your timer to 12 is day 1. Fine if you wait till 7 days after the flip if ya want (don't know any one that does) but just be consistant with every variety and every grow. That way you have something to look back on and...
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