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  1. BC_Bud

    A1 Nutrients Girls!

  2. BC_Bud

    Who's Using the pH Perfect Technology?

    That suck to hear, ibTheMan.
  3. BC_Bud

    Re-use or just replace?

    I'm on my 3rd run recycling the same coco, but mixing it with about 30% fresh stuff. Also thinking about giving up on the perlite... On a side note, most plants take it just fine, except maybe for some strains that are a little more sensitive to the nutrients that may be left in the coco from...
  4. BC_Bud

    Stardog featuring Top Dawg

    Both of those got snagged from me right at the very end, I really wanted them! Hey rival, happy for you that you got the bubble chem on BIN, I was also able to grab some BIN Stardawg Sisters hehehehe Most importantly, sending good vibes to JJ for a quick recovery and return to breeding the...
  5. BC_Bud

    Stardog featuring Top Dawg

    Thank you for the Stardawg Sisters!
  6. BC_Bud

    Stardog featuring Top Dawg

    Really nice to see another top dawg drop! Hopefully I'll get a chance at something. While we are all waiting for the drop to come, I'll be puffing on some "Lemon Candy" Underdawg D
  7. BC_Bud

    Self examination for alzheimer's disease

  8. BC_Bud

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    Always some crazy adventures going on at MC land! Great to hear you are doing ok and plan on releasing some of your work again!
  9. BC_Bud

    underdawg d and white stardawg

    Hi chranotik, hope all is well your way. Did you get to finish these UDD and White Stardawg? I just harvested two diff. phenos of UDD and they are the bomb! Both got a strong pleasurable taste, one is pure lemon/lime candy and the other pheno is strong citrus and fuel! Mine never fully...
  10. BC_Bud

    P Dawg

    Same here guys, mine were definitely HP13 leaning in the taste and packed quite a bit of resin. I really liked it! Got some vegging right now and when the time is right I'll be popping some more of those beans!
  11. BC_Bud

    Lavender & Grape Ape Side by Side

  12. BC_Bud

    Congrats to Logic and THC FARMER

    Thanks logic for keeping everything up and running, even after the rough times you went through. Next stop, 1 million visits!
  13. BC_Bud

    TarDawg....what, where, why.....

    Looks like a great cross with great possibilities all around! thanks for sharing it with us!
  14. BC_Bud

    White Bubba Up & Running..

    Just burned some white bubba and got to say it's some of the tastiest herbs all around! this was the Bubba leaning pheno, straight "fresh picked" coffee beans and hash taste, with an excellent accompanying high! also got a straight pine tasting pheno, which is great, but I personally enjoy...
  15. BC_Bud

    Purple Stardawg and relatives

    Thanks for sharing those Purple Stardawg pics! I have ran 2 different phenos, both a little different than yours. I really enjoy these buds, the pheno I kept smells and tastes of berry jam or something like that. It has quickly become a favorite of many frieds. I've tried a few phenos os...
  16. BC_Bud

    Next drop coming soon ECSD S1s and more...

    Hell yeah, sounds great!
  17. BC_Bud

    B-Real gets to smoke some Top Dawg Buds while in Brazil

    So Cypress Hill is having a concert here in São Paulo, Brazil tonight and some of my friends got to hang out with them in their hotel over the last couple of days. Unfortunately I'm all tied up with personal shit to take care of and wasn't able to make it out there and will not be attending...
  18. BC_Bud

    Purkle(Purple Urkle X The Purps)

    Purkle looks great!
  19. BC_Bud

    I Have Motorbreath

    Did your seeds come through? I'm still waiting on some Sister's Sage and some Dawg Daze Sage along with some Tres Sister sent around the same time as yours, hopefully they will still arrive.
  20. BC_Bud

    Extraciton Glass?

    I saw some on ebay the other day:
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