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    Sea got jacked

    I hated to read this happend. HATE IT! Shocked too. Sea is such a good person. fred
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    Why I trim dry now. Don't believe the hype

    I got to full melt stage once with over dry dry trim. Let in soak in the ice water for 30 mins prior to mixing. then mixed gently. Not my preferred method but it seemed to work ok that time. A previous run with dry trim was not good enough for me so when it happend again I soaked first. Not...
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    Hello from coastal B.C

    Welcome to the farm. Good luck with your plans. Looking forward to some pics. Fred
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    Sweet Pink Grapefruit vs. Freddy's Best® - ScroG (бг)

    Great looking grow. They look so healthy. Those close ups really show off the big headed trichs. Love it! Fred
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    alien sledgehammer and sour pebbles

    Looking real good. Do you do any training, cropping, topping? Whats your style when it comes to that kinda thing?? I guess I could just watch and find out.. :) Either way I'm pretty excited Queso. Strain sounds great and they look very nice man. Fun stuff to have. fred
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    alien sledgehammer and sour pebbles

    I want to hang around and see these beauties grow up. Nice to meet you Big Cheese. Fred
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    16k Watts Over 24 Site Ucxxl13

    Very nice run man. I enjoyed looking at your work. fred
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    4 Cali Connect Fem Strains, 18 phenoes, No herms.

    A late sterile nanner is still a male flower on a female plat. A hermie. I will say some of the best I've ever had threw a few late nanners. Sterile and never caused problems. I'd run the shit of it. Now the ones that show around week 4-6 usually in clusters. Male flowers spewing their...
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    Morning Jolt Coffee Or Tea???

    I love having Coffee with my first tokes of the day. Standing on the beach after a few bong hits of dank all Jolted from the coffee.. Sky said.. A personal ride.....weeee! its a great way to start the day. A dry cappuccino from the local roastery or strong sumatra or french roast...
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    Rival's Funk Lab

    Glad to see your still hard at work. I'll be back asap. Hope all is good your way. Did you ever keep any of the sour Amnesia? old news now but I was wondering if you found keepers. Fred
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    Alien Genetics Photography (PHOTO SECTION)

    Very nice pics! The Alien Napalm OG looks super Kill. fred
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    RuMbLe In ThE JuNgLe CoMpEtIoN

    Man horti I hate what has happend. I got busted and now am going through the hardest time of my life. The story is longer then any I've ever heard so I'll save it for a depressing rainy day when i need to vent. Now for the part ya'll care about. I got to test one of the plants two weeks...
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    North carolina growers?

    There is no compassion in NC. Even for the sick. After I meet with my lawyer again I will fill you in on the details of how they will treat you when/if you get busted in NC. It bullshit though. that much I will say. Check out the NC illegal substance tax for starters. I hate politics but...
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    which one-PH(X), Sovereignty or Mobius ?

    bitfreak has some mini toro's in your price range
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    I wanna see your roor's.

    Thats the nicest Roor I've ever seen. I noticed they had upped their game recently but dang I like it!. I broke my Black label a long time ago. It's the only one i've ever broken. here are the replacements. :) A 14" Lil Sista and custom 14" 5.0mm Rasta mouthpiece, red ice pinch...
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    A few shots of my rooms growing in Beds with some new strains WIFI X SOUR D and...

    I skipped this one a bunch of times because I didn't know what to say. it's been said already. :bow You are doing a great work. fred
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    Wtf are these bugs!?!?

    Medium drench with neem, azamax, or pyrethrum will kill the larvae. The adults fly and must be killed with sticky traps and sprays. fred
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    Wtf are these bugs!?!?

    Looks like fungus gnat larvae to me. I would also check out the thread about rootaphids. pray that they are gnats. fred
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    UC down for the count ... back to the darkside.

    Really cool Goodcat. It looks very good in there. I can't wait to see the number you get off these...if you care to share that is....It's on the money tho and i like it! fred
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    Freds White Fire OG

    Raised it up 4" a few days agao.. Thanks mang I can see how it would be a mess later. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks grayskull. Thanks man. Hows yours doing this round? A screen of White fire is welcome here anyday. Hows it going for ya Shady?
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