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    G'day nspecta is there any testing I could do for you here in oz brother cheers dogs by the way...

    G'day nspecta is there any testing I could do for you here in oz brother cheers dogs by the way congrats on the seed company mate dogs.
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    Feminized bean turned out to be a male.

    ive grown out lots of feminised beans over the years and had a few males show up dont no why but some times you get lucky which i dont have much of lately by the way ograskal hit me up brother hope your well mate
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    Competition - Name that strain

    chem sis x aj sour diesel pootang
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    The Divine Genetics Lab

    will you be finishing off the dutchflowers project logic mate god knows them genes should be spread around
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    New stuff for testers

    gday mota hope you got my pm before bro thankyou
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    Testers Needed

    id give em a go bro
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    Competition - Name that strain

    for chem 4 x chem sister name dawg fight all twistered sister now for urkle x chem sister name phewkle
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    Competition - Name that strain

    snow sister for snowdog x chem sister dawkle all durkle for urkle x chemdawg sour sister for aj sour x chem sister twistered sister for chem 4 x chem sister
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    Triple Kush

    very nice indeed bro
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    Sour kush 1 seed dna seeds fem

    i just finished some of reserva pirvads headband all sour kush off found 2 phenos in the 6 that i grew now oder control is a must with the ones i grew out real stinkers smell like rotting diesel soaked rags while flowering out one pheno yeilded ok the other was like oger kush not much yeild at...
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    Dr Greenthumbs Sour Diesel Grow Journal & Smoke report

    awesome grow and genetics from the doc
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    Congratulations Karma

    awesome bro great showing mate
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    Organic White Urkle

    awesome grow pics mate looking real good bro
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    Dr GreenThumb's Oh!Zone (fem) Test Grow ~SMF~

    very bloody nice smf the doc rocks ive grown his kasmir hashplant i could put up a pic of it if you like mate dont want to change your thread plus ive grown out his og kush plus bubba kush as well all top notch gear
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    Bananna Og Kush

    bannana og was made by bubbakushkid aka cali kush seed company its a ghost og kush x sagamartha 60 / 40 mix i beleive yeilds pretty good for a og and is a very nice strain there were seeds sold of the strain a few years back at sboo
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    Alien Kush

    great grow mate truely are a master grower bro
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    A few pics....

    your at the top of your game brother them there pics are as good as anyone could ever hope to grow my friend
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    Abusive OG x Master Kush

    very nice would love to get hold of the abusive cut plus hydrid seeds of it
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    FIRE OG... How long do u guys go?

    hey buddy the grow your doing is going just fine bro looking great mate top job bro your doing just fine mate
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    FIRE OG... How long do u guys go?

    ppl should get off swerves back about giving clones out he said he is going to replace the bad beans what ive grown from him has been awesome nothing bad grown here from cali connect
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