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  1. Arlo12765

    Ethos Seeds "Candy Store" under 2 Gavita Pro 1700e LED's

    112 oz 0 grams
  2. Arlo12765

    No Chem Grow Help with Top Dressings.

    Fox Farm makes some good ready to use top dress mixes. I use the All Purpose and Flower and they work well. If your plants need any additional nutrients you can simply needed amendments.
  3. Arlo12765

    Ethos Seeds "Candy Store" under 2 Gavita Pro 1700e LED's

    Love your work I'm a fan ! I have been watching for a few grows, I do not have many grows in but learn very important things on THC Farmer! I am currently vegging Orange Gasm in organic soil with SF lights. But with that it's all about light distance . As i'm not in a big rush with my plants but...
  4. Arlo12765

    PurpleChem = PurplePunch x ChemOg my new pet

    I came up with a Wedding cake male last grow and been thinking about crossing it with one of my Bruce Banner girls i have about ready to switch to flower. Any pointers?
  5. Arlo12765

    Has anyone grown Bruce Banner ?

    I have 3 BB growing now about 2 months of veg and will switch them in 2 weeks. i started stressing once they reached 1 ft. tall now all are laid over and doing great! about 2 ft. tall and wide just waiting to switch and stretch. Also from ILGM very happy with this grow. These are just 3 of 15 in...
  6. Arlo12765

    Grow questions for clones

    I’m having the same issue and I am going to try changing the soil I start in.
  7. Arlo12765

    Super Soil Rookie Grower

    Hello, I'm 3 months into my very first grow. I did a lot of research on growing media and growing chemical free. I started out with 12 clones most of them have been transplanted to their final containers. Growing in Super Soil that I have made. With that I was wondering about soil flushing...
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