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    Big Bubba

    Dam GM those look so nice. I wish they were in 3-D. You indoor boys always amaze me. Never grown inside yet. Looking forward to more shots. Aloha
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    growing indoors on oahu

    Hi Z-ro. I don't grow inside but elec is super high here. Sounds like Fat knows what's up.Good luck on your adventure. Aloha
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    Purkle(Purple Urkle X The Purps)

    Bra your buds look very very inviting. Wish you were my neighbor. I love the colors. I'm a nube to this site so thanks for the share. Aloha from Puna
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    Hi Sonar I just joined and just wanted to say howizit Bra. Aloha
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    SurfdOut you get around. Yes We have had great weather for 2 weeks and the buds love it. Puna saved the day for me had soil problem and he spocked it right away. Funny fishwhistle wants to see Punabutter cause I got some going they are not store bought got them from a local brdda awhile back...
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    Hi All Looking forward to being a part of this forum. I'm very new to forums and posting pot stuff on line but times have changed a lot since I first started my first grow in 74. I love the open sharing. Aloha from Puna East Hawaii
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    1st grow in Maui

    Hi Maui I just got on this forum and wanted to say Hi and will be checking out your grow. I'm in Puna and will post some pics if I can figure it out I'm new at this computer stuff. But us old farts figure it out after awhile. I still have to do my profile also. Almost 6 got to go to work...
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