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  1. Canabisius

    Let's see your 2021 Outdoor Plants!

    Girl Scout Cookies auto SEEDSMAN Born on 4/20/21 Growing 5 gallon fab w/ CocoLoco Big Mac F2 This is a test project I am working on with BIF beans. Big Mac is Banana Punch OG x Mac and Cheese. I dropped 6 beans and all six popped. You can check out our work on My Grow Blog contained on the...
  2. Canabisius

    Wanted Need Landrace Pollen

    I am looking to get some seed out of my Blueberry fem I am going to run this summer, I would love to know whats available to trade or buy Thanks growmies ~Cannabisius~
  3. Canabisius

    Budd's grow thread. . 'The Garden.

    What type of lighting are you using??
  4. Canabisius

    First time grower in need of help identifying genders

    I agree give it a few more days
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