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    Sour Bubble Grow 2015

    Bump for an update?? I have 11 of these in veg, unsexed. Very curious to see and hear about the finished buddage!
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    Whats the most amazing thing you have ever done?

    Smashed 3 in one day, and never washed my junk inbetween FOR THE WIN!
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    How full do you fill your cure jars?

    Try going to some rummage/yard sales on the weekend and you can find all sorts of old unique jars to store your buds in, neater than the same old mason jar, ya know And when mine's DRY DRY, like crisp, l'll jar it up 3/4 full and let it cure. lts hard to get it crisp this time of the year...
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    Vaccinations we should have a choice

    Here's an article l seen today while on Yahoo Pediatricians turn away kids who aren't vaccinated This whole conversation is very interesting to me...
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    What's the REAL Cause of Acid Reflux?

    l take a half gallon of vodka, dump it into one of my big curing jars, then add a whole pineapple, peeled and all sliced and diced into bite sized pieces. Let it soak and do its thing for 5-7 days After a week that shit is good to go and delicious at that! Once all the vodka is gone, have...
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    If you play an and tell

    l have a smartwood les paul, a black fender acoustic and a sigma acoustic which is pretty much a cheap martin, its made by martin but made in korea lol Camera is down at the moment but i'll get some pics up in a few days. The gibson smartwood lp is just a beauty... all gold/brass hardware...
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    Best concerts you've seen

    Sublime w/rome and 311 were here last saturday, couldnt go because of prior arrangements
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    Best concerts you've seen

    lmao CM! lettin your alligator mouth over-run your hummingbird ass back in the day huh?
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    Seeds vs Clones

    How long will pollen stay good for when its packed right and in the freezer? Just curious about this... l thought it was only for a year or so?
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    Best concerts you've seen

    That is great stuff right there
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    Best concerts you've seen

    CM l cant believe you got to see the Band last waltz, that is just awesome right there, l watched that VHS with my dad a ton growing up Best shows for me, although totally different genres, were ReggaeFest 2000 and a BLS show with Zakk Wylde. lt was in a really small venue, real...
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    Authorities: Denver-area pot ring busted

    lol more like a little over 22 million bro :) They were still about 14 million off though. Dont worry l suck at math too $200,000 is about what they were getting per 400lb trip, at $500 per/lb, twice a week And as was stated before, im sure the high school kiddies are gonna be dry for a...
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    Vaccinations we should have a choice

    Somewhat off topic, but interesting nonetheless US ran fake vaccine project in hunt for bin Laden: report
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    What's the REAL Cause of Acid Reflux?

    l infuse my vodka with pineapple... i'll remember that midnightrider. lf l ever have the heartburn return i'll give that a shot. Like you said, nothing to lose
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    What's the REAL Cause of Acid Reflux?

    Muff Cabbage
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    Obama administration slams medical marijuana

    Someone should publicly ask Obama "if marijuana has no medical benefit, none at all, why then do the pharmaceutical companies hold all the patents on it??" l would love to see the look on his face and hear his BS answer!
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    Obama administration slams medical marijuana

    Yeah it doesnt matter weather democrat or republican, when it comes down to it Big Pharma is paying the campaign bills and they dont want to hear any pro-marijuana message And with an election coming up Obama doesnt want his money mad at him for his lax PUBLIC stance, even though as RMCG...
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    Obama administration slams medical marijuana

    Here is the link to the article And here is the White House's National Drug Control Strategy
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    Botanicare Liquid Karma Vs Advanced Nutrients Nirvana

    l use LiquidKarma for my cuttings @ 10ml/gallon. Thats all l use it for and it works great for this, roots in 6-7 days with rapidrooters. A little quart lasts me quite a while... l use it because its organic and seems to be low in ppm, it doesnt burn my cuttings while their trying to root...
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    6k WHITE FIRE, and CHEM4 showdown!!!!!

    Never said you were a dick SC, was just having a little fun Dont let your ego bruise so easy man! Jeez This is a marijuana growing site, you would think people wouldnt be so damn uptight! Did l really say anything that bad SC? Just one little harmless, smartass remark that probably...
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