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  1. A_j_207

    October,photo Of The Month

    East coast sour diesel clone only. Got her to stack this run
  2. A_j_207

    August,photo Of The Month

    I95 by top dawg seeds
  3. A_j_207

    May,photo Of The Month

    Mac by capulator
  4. A_j_207

    January, Photo Of The Month

    Grape dosidos
  5. A_j_207

    sour best shit ever

    He s a good dude. I talk to him frequently. Gonna be scooping some beans soon
  6. A_j_207

    November, Photo Of The Month

    Green team genetics ghost cookies x i95
  7. A_j_207

    The Cube

    do you have your methos down or are you open to suggestion?
  8. A_j_207

    The Cube

    Man i truly feel for you. Thats heartbreaking.
  9. A_j_207

    Vote For July Photo Of The Month

    What do i win and who do i talk to? This is the first time ive won
  10. A_j_207

    Vote For July Photo Of The Month

    Haha thanks guys! That girl makes it look easy. I cant find the like on the pic but ahh, i vote for me!
  11. A_j_207

    Chem Cookies 2nd Place At Midwest Cannabis Cup (best Non-solvent Hash)

    Just got this cut. Supposed to stretch for four weeks and have a massive yield if taken to 75 or so.
  12. A_j_207

    The Cube

    Sure does brotha
  13. A_j_207

    The Cube

    We were just talking about this elsewhere. A breeder had aquired an old williams wnder cut. He was blown away by the amount of likes. I had the opinion that folks are craving those old lines that were back in the day when everything didnt have breath, og or cookies attached to the name. All...
  14. A_j_207

    The Cube

    Nah i already popped my pack and were given some by a friend to pop and hunt a keeper for him. He has terrible luck with seedlings and young plants mainly because hes not thorough enough. So he gives me seeds and i give him back clones that have been tested. Pretty sweet gig!
  15. A_j_207

    The Cube

    Shared my cube keeper with " a friend" now i find out its being whored out for money. Id rather it be extinct!
  16. A_j_207

    The Cube

    Popped a couple more. This ones kinda cool lookin with the pointy leaves.
  17. A_j_207

    The Cube

    I just scooped another half pack and 4 fem phenos from a friend. Hoping to find a male that doesnt throw nuts in veg
  18. A_j_207

    Welcome to the farm. Maine guy here too

    Welcome to the farm. Maine guy here too
  19. A_j_207

    The Cube

    Damn dude thats over 4g just in cube beans!
  20. A_j_207

    The Cube

    Holy shit yeah! Most seedbanks dont have that much stock. I just got 4 more cube phenos. Got one that is a bit taller that i have high hopes for. You popping those off anytime soon?
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