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    Dubz Garden of Dank! 2011

    Thought I'd start a new grow log as I'm dropping a few new pack's of bean's. I'll be looking for male's in the hindu willie to start the f2. If i get a male out of my last 4 g13xhaze bean's ill for sure be making some f4's for I can find some real gem's in this line. Hopefully I can find that...
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    looking for Northern lights 5

    Reeferman always talked up dr atomic's northernlights. I'm sure its good along with joey weeds. ~dubz
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    Quality of Smoke in UC?

    My hydro plants always seem way more smooth to smoke, my sour diesel kush in hydro you can take the fattest toke and not cough compared to it in soil its way more harsh. Some people like the cough though I dunno it still gets me just as stoned as my soil and I smoke tuff and eat a lot of...
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    Seattle Cannabis Farmers' Market

    Sweet i never knew about this, Cant wait to go to the next one. Does anyone know when the next one is and where it will be held? I was looking for a website on it but can't find anything besides something maybe happening on march 27th?? Do you have to purchase a ticket to attend? ~ dubz
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    looking for Northern lights 5

    Joey Weed just started carrying NL, I'm sure its pretty chronic I know it took him some time to get it done. hempdepot got them for 57
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    Best way to attach a hose to a bucket?

    easiest way is to get the gromet for a waterfarm. Drill a whole, put the gromet in and stick a 1/2 barbed fitting threw it. ~dub
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    D.U.D. X KilerQueen, D.U.D. X The White-test grow greenlantern seed company

    Wish there was a smell-o-net and we could smell threw our computer screen. would be the shit! keep it bro looks good.
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    White Urkle seeds!!!!!!

    I'd love to get the White Urkle myself, Might just replace the Querkle (Urkle x Space Queen) I've been growing a lot of. Love it the smell taste and potency of it is all there.. One of my favorite daytime smoke and I love it better then the urkle clone itself. Hope I can get a pack when they...
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    DIY UC 9k 8 Plants

    Them plants look crazy good job mrenz! How much ppm are they eating inbetween waterings? I find not to feed to high ppm but get it to where there eating a lot every few days. :harvest:
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    New Cash Cropping Strain from Sannie's!!!

    Sannie's gear is always top notch. I think If his prices were higher people would give him more credit then he gets. His gear is better then most of the higher prices breeders hands down. Keep on keeping on my bro sannie! ~dubz
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    Sannies Jack F5 x Double Strawberry Diesel

    I like the grow I'm doing a similar cleaning now of my room. damn pm. nasty stuff. I upgraded my out take and spray serenade a few times and my pm was gone.
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    Chris' Grow Show: First DWC ISS Scrog 250w

    hehe love the little 250w grow. I'd hop on craigslist and buy a 400w setup for like $40. I found tons of 400w ballast for $20 i use for my breeding tents. Bought a lot of 20 for $150. Just have to wire them yourself if u get the ones like i got that were from a warehouse. always use a brand new...
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    Cabin Fever Breeders off to the races!!

    Sounds good bro, I've been doing the same thing. Me and a Local Breeder I met are teaming up. He's been breeding for 10yrs for another breeder and now I'm helping him introduce his work to the world, not give all the credit to a canandian seed dealer, hes no breeder. Luckily I've been giving the...
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    Tahoe #6 x Strawberry Bubba..

    Sounds like some nice keepers might come out, might have a small hermi trait but might not. I got a bunch of beans from late flower's saved. I should drop a few myself, I havn't been a fem seed fan though.
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    ~ strawberryD IX Project ~

    Loving it, I've been on the hunt for the ECSD clone again. Been going to a ot of new dispencery's up here in Washington state but can't find any legit cuts, i got one that kinda looked like the ecsd at first but it for sure wasn't I hate faud places that do that shit.
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    bluewaves uc grow wit gh nutes

    Same thing happened to me a while back, I got arrested though they cut down all my stuff. Just went to court from some pills that were in my keychain. Everything got dropped. They already sold all my stuff at auction and I'm now trying to get it back. Hold in there buddy hope all works out for...
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    DIY UC 9k 8 Plants

    Lets see some new pics mrenz. I'm very interested in how big they got threw stretch.
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    DIY UC 9k 8 Plants

    Can't wait to see them at 14-16days flower, they normally stretch that long. Ran that clone a few times. Might stretch more then u think but i could be wrong in this setup.
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    8 site, DIY UC. 6600k virtical lighting.

    That sucks, Id get those out of there and clean the system and get new clones in there, they will do much better if those even make it witch i highly dont think they will make it threw out flower w/ roots like that. Mine were practicly dead when i didn't use a chiller it looked like that after a...
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    Making BHO w/ Querkle Buds w/ slight PM? 8oz budz

    Making BHO w/ Querkle Buds w/ slight PM? 12oz of budz Well I had my first run with PM and I just had a new room full of plants to throw in so i cut down the last 3 plants, all querkle flower room. Well I sprayed my veg plants with Seranade and will continue spraying a few weeks in to make sure...
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