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  1. MIGrampaUSA

    Day 30 of flower...Am I on track here?

    As stated in all previous posts, they look very good! The next challenge is being able to accurately judge when they are at peak maturity. Consider purchasing a jeweler's loop 60x-100x. Without it, it's very easy to pick too soon. The way your grow is going, you'll want to focus on maximizing...
  2. MIGrampaUSA

    When to top my plants

    I don't top usually. Instead, I'm a big fan of LST. I use pipe cleaners to tie the main stem over at roughly 90 degrees. This allows the side branches to catch up which gives you multiple "tops" type buds. The benefits are you aren't removing vegetation so you don't need to lengthen veg time to...
  3. MIGrampaUSA

    Does that guy @Aqua Man Still Grow

    I was thinking more like Aqua man and the Super Friends ... Lol
  4. MIGrampaUSA

    Is may 1st too early to transplant outside in the midwest?

    Mid Michigan here ... Memorial day is when I usually plant. Most years, that falls pretty close to June 1st. So we're of similar mind on timing.
  5. MIGrampaUSA

    How do i fix this ? What is wrong?

    It's not a lost cause. These issues will lower yield a bit and maybe dip into potency some ... but over-all, you will still get bud. The plants aren't fragile and they will grow in less than ideal circumstances. However, here's the good part ... nobody I know automatically grew the "best plant...
  6. MIGrampaUSA

    AK-47, day 90 still no amber

    maybe 10 days even. It's hard to say exactly. I'd be checking every 3-4 days and compare new pictures against the older ones. You still have a lot of white hairs and also plenty of clear mixed in with the cloudy.
  7. MIGrampaUSA

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Cookies n Cream getting close to harvest time ...
  8. MIGrampaUSA

    Do these girls look like they are dying?

    Take some close up still pictures. It's hard to see detail when the video moves around as fast as it did. However, from what I saw it looks like the plant is changing colors as it finishes. Think what happens to the tree leaves in the fall ... Still pictures would tell us for sure, but I think...
  9. MIGrampaUSA

    How am i looking ?week 4 flower

    I posted them in "frostiest flowers" the other night. Here they are again. 1 plant in each tent was at day 7. The rest were at day 25 when the pictures were taken. Here they are again ...
  10. MIGrampaUSA

    Plague in big greenhouse plant

    Quickly indeed. Greenhouse grows offer their own challenges especially in cooler climates.
  11. MIGrampaUSA

    Is Dinafem Moby Dick XXL going to outgrow my setup?

    Mine weren't XXL. This here is what I grew: It's a long flowering sativa hybrid that would likely finish nicely inside if you have the room ... in about 12 weeks. It was a struggle to get it to finish outside even in a greenhouse ... in a...
  12. MIGrampaUSA

    Growers choice ROI-e680

    I've got the e720. My plants seem to love it and it provides even coverage across a 5 x 5. I usually set the light about 12" above the plants and let them grow up towards the light. I move the light back to about 12"- 14" above when there is about 6" distance between light and plants. I'm loving...
  13. MIGrampaUSA

    How am i looking ?week 4 flower

    I'd say you're in the ballpark as what they should look like. They don't look a lot different than some of mine at right around 4 weeks (28 days). Yours should fill out nicely over the next 4-6 weeks.
  14. MIGrampaUSA

    Is Dinafem Moby Dick XXL going to outgrow my setup?

    I grew a couple Moby Dick last summer. I started them indoors but soon realized it was going to be difficult to keep them contained in a 5' x 5' x 6.5' tent. I transferred them to the greenhouse where they both tried to grow through the roof there. I ended up super-cropping them to keep them...
  15. MIGrampaUSA

    Best light for 2x4 grow tent

    I've never used anything from Mars so I have no idea on what the quality is. Your light is PPE: 2.3umol/J The slim320S mentioned above is a much better light in terms of output (providing those numbers are real), but it's also more than double the price.
  16. MIGrampaUSA

    Best light for 2x4 grow tent

    It looks a lot like the ROI-e720 I have for my 5 x 5 tent. If it is, it would be an outstanding light. I didn't see what it cost in the link you provided. Assuming the manufacturer is not fudging numbers, ppf/w : 3.1 umols/J is outstanding. Edit: Found the price $649. 00 ....
  17. MIGrampaUSA

    Best light for 2x4 grow tent

    2 cords, lol ... I will take the 2 cords and the flexibility it gives you with the 2 lights as opposed to using just 1. OP is interested in the HLG 135. If it runs at 135w and he buys 2, it would be golden. You would be the one to let the OP know about the viparspectra lights but 2 is always...
  18. MIGrampaUSA

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Pictures taken yesterday. Day 25 of flower for most of them. 2 are on day 7 and have just begun to show pistils. The plant in the middle on top of another fabric pot is on day 7 of flower. The rest are at day 25 The plant on the right is day 7. The rest are at day 25
  19. MIGrampaUSA

    Best light for 2x4 grow tent

    HLG makes a good light. Minimum 240 watts is also about right for a 2 x 4. It would be 30w per ft square. Two of those boards at 270w total would be even better. I've got 6 quantum boards from Kingbrite on Alibaba ... I've been happy with those boards, but I'm hesitant to recommend them...
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