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  1. Hazeman


    here is a old pic when i first ran her i will be making new stock down the road
  2. Hazeman

    New Durban Line - Gg4 X Durban Tester

    Any new Photos
  3. Hazeman

    Fat Purple

    plus we are going to hit mels Buckeye purple with a few Fat purple Males a open pollination here is the Buckeye purple cut we are working with
  4. Hazeman

    Fat Purple

    here is a fat purple
  5. Hazeman


    yes i will dig up some pic of her,
  6. Hazeman

    Descriptions Of Hazeman Strains

    Breakout P.O.W. x Rocky Mountain High, 8 - 9 weeks flowering time, This cross took on more of the RMH fruity flavor, Breakout is a medium plant with very little stretch and decent yields, Great trichome production, so it is also good for pain and appetite. Escaped G-13 X P.O.W. 8 to 9 weeks...
  7. Hazeman

    Fat Purple

    yes i do sir, and this coming weekend i will be posting all my descriptions and pic's of my strains. to get the ball rolling again. I will Also be posting everything that is new coming down the line. I really only get one day to myself and that's Sunday so that's the day i will start. stay tuned
  8. Hazeman

    Hello Glad To Be Back

    thanks,I will be getting descriptions and pic of new and old stuff, just busy working and now hunting but thanks for the welcome.
  9. Hazeman

    Hello Glad To Be Back

    Hello Everyone, Glad to be back to talk to all my old friends and new friends. I will be posting new strains and old one's i have done shortly. I'm a small mom and pop shop so i have very limited time , but i will check back from time to time . thanks to logic . will be posting stuff shortly...
  10. Hazeman

    Bubba kush

    would you guys like to have some Fem Bubba kush seeds from my cut ?
  11. Hazeman


    now those are nice
  12. Hazeman

    TEST: Purple Bubble Gum x (Purple Erkle x Headband x The White x AWW)

    damn i want to see these
  13. Hazeman

    (Chem4xDeepChunk) X (PExHBxWHxAWW) Test Grow

    primo303 is a fighter
  14. Hazeman

    TEST: (fugu kush x the white x aww98) X 88 g-13/ hp

    Snapped back at it
  15. Hazeman


    wow everyone is doing a great job
  16. Hazeman

    TEST: UK Cheese x (PE x HB x WH x AWW)

    some plastic red tomatoes and there in the garden. nice job
  17. Hazeman

    TEST Grand Daddy Purple x (PE x HB x WH x AWW) + LVPK x Chocolate Thia

    me too the outdoor is the only way to grow, let mother nature take care of it. nice i cant wait to see the finish on this
  18. Hazeman

    Rival79's Hazeman Seeds tester show!

    i need names so if you have any names let's hear them
  19. Hazeman

    PE HB * WH AWW F2'S come to Life

    wow nice! and there is always a mutant in the bunch
  20. Hazeman

    Bubba kush x (Purple Erkle x Headband x The White x 98 Aloha White Widow) wow

    i was just wondering if the towels had any chemical in them
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