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  1. aleYarok

    Octa Bubblers drain to waist DIY guide to setting up a watering system the way Jack does it..

    thanks jack! slick system you got setup.
  2. aleYarok

    Snowblinds Macro World...

    breathtaking photos snow, quality nugs doc. no need to blast when you can just take a .5-1 gram snap out of a hollow foot peyote pillar. gets me to where i want to be no problem.
  3. aleYarok

    thanks! same back at you!

    thanks! same back at you!
  4. aleYarok

    Snowblinds Macro World...

    nice you got the mp-e 65! i gotta scope that baby out some time!
  5. aleYarok

    Snowblinds Macro World...

    wow, those are incredible budshots snow
  6. aleYarok

    nice! ill check it out more when i have some time.

    nice! ill check it out more when i have some time.
  7. aleYarok

    Thanks! Killer avatar yourself, perfect for your name! Things are well, could be better. busy as...

    Thanks! Killer avatar yourself, perfect for your name! Things are well, could be better. busy as can be with life and trying to put more hours on my torch and melt some glass!
  8. aleYarok

    A few shots of my rooms growing in Beds with some new strains WIFI X SOUR D and...

    4 weeks? wtf? did you forget to tell us you are injecting them with roids? keep them photos coming jack cant wait to see 8 weeks
  9. aleYarok

    SledgeHammer Bubba

    those are some mouth-watering shots doc beautiful fade on those girls
  10. aleYarok

    Alien Genetics - Organic Feeding Program

    i dont know anything about best practices... but this is how clean green was described to me at HS; we cannot label cannabis as "organic" because it is schedule 1 narcotic. so a third party co came along and created "clean green". it is there own certification process that they came up with...
  11. aleYarok

    Quaves OIL Can

    quave is a baller. check out his new recylers
  12. aleYarok

    Fruity Pebble OG ~SMF~

    sub'd. you're in for a real treat.
  13. aleYarok

    Lead's Grow Diary

    killer line up. cant wait to see how they all do.
  14. aleYarok

    90 Second Test?

    steephill, are you still gonna let me come in for that side by side test? please pm me with the info.
  15. aleYarok

    Pure alien and other rarities

    dank as always. thanks for the nugporn to drool over. is that a vert grow? or just some really big trees?
  16. aleYarok

    90 Second Test?

    what a genius marketing ploy! lol talking about contamination. all they do is use a little make up brush on the grinder to "clean" it before grinding your herb to a pulp. they say you can smoke it afterwards... i prefer my weed chopped and to not have my trichs damaged by a grinder. (IMO using...
  17. aleYarok

    whats the best way to quiet my inline fan

    this. we switched from regular duct to insulated duct. i couldn't believe how much quieter it made the fan!
  18. aleYarok

    Thanks Steep Hill

    only way to know would be to get an actual liquid or gas test. but im guess your meds are closer to 20%
  19. aleYarok

    Thanks Steep Hill

    still calling bs. u think those meds really tested that low? your stuff is better than that. i dont see how this can be anywhere as close to gas or liquid chromatography
  20. aleYarok

    Spores In De Coco-nut

    great thread
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