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  1. buffbuds

    Denver Climate Control Specialist

    Texas Kid, I am curious if you have any experience with Agrowtek controlers, for indoor hydro system control, especially with multiple zones. I have used them as greenhouse controlers, but now I am building an indoor system with nutrient dosers and DWC, so I want everything all in one with...
  2. buffbuds

    Diagonal........True Og(rev) x Chemdog

    I'm 5 weeks in, can't seen to keep the leaves fully green, just like most pictures, next time I'm going to pump the nutes hard asap to keep them green, but I'm curious how long everyone let this cut go before chopping, I'm planning on making a pound or 2 into shatter as well, so recomendations...
  3. buffbuds

    thinning bho with propylene glycol to make flowable oil for pen vaporizers

    I prefer using Polyethylene Glycol instead of Propylene Glycol. There are several consistancies available, I prefer the PEG 300(molecular weight), to the 400 and 200, but all can be used and seem to have distinctly different flavors which could compliment different strains in different ratios...
  4. buffbuds

    What's The Story With The Reeferman?

    Must say, never heard a complaint that could be properly attributed to Charles Scott, and he has always been responsive and open with others even while being criticized. So glad to be hearing there will be more burmese crosses, and blueberry as well!! Hope they are anything like the blueberry...
  5. buffbuds

    First GH grow diary, 2nd season

    Hi, I've been working in a greenhouse this summer and I came here to say it looks like you guys started out too early in the summer to get full veg lighting, and sooo..... you had your plants start to try to flower, but slower get pulled out of it all summer. Now, you are left with plants that...
  6. buffbuds

    cannabis tissue culture journal

    I am looking to do Tissue culture for an unlimited plant count grow system to make more consistent and vigorous plants with a controlled propagation and the ability to verify sterility of plants through the visors of tissue culture. It least to more vigorous root systems and a more uniform...
  7. buffbuds

    cannabis tissue culture journal

    Hey I'm super interested in all of this, I have everything I need already to go, all the baby food jars, magenta b-lids, Iaa, Naa, B(ap), and others ready to go. I have to get back to you, but I'm doing agar with 900 g/m strength, and have had limited sucess, but with promising results. My...
  8. buffbuds

    11/13 increases phenotypic expression

    the plants seemed to not like it at first, I think it's best done AFTER the bud set, when all elongation of nodes has ceased, and all leaves have terminated down to single points. It's going well for me, and yeah, mainly saves about 20$ a month and lets me have a bit more quite time at home.
  9. buffbuds

    11/13 increases phenotypic expression

    I am considering doing this with my DJ short's Flo to up the yield and decrease bud hardness while increasing thrichrome visibility.
  10. buffbuds

    canna boost and bid bud

    I agree with your response, I just wanted to vonvey that it isn't as straightforward as being able to substitute one part for another and keep the dosage the same, as you had alluded to. Your knowledge is such that you are able to understand what is in those different components and you are...
  11. buffbuds

    High Times Disp Cup April 2 & 3

    It was hilarious, how many people paid $105K for that "co2 critical hash extractor" only to have burnt hash that smells like trim in the end..... I put mine away and laughed, didn't want to get attention with a good stash. I got a job offer, and SOOO many people asking for pounds to support...
  12. buffbuds

    Final flush ppm question

    I flush to 160 and then pure water for a week or 14 days, anything below 600, I've found, lets them start flushing (cannibalizing their stored nutrients)
  13. buffbuds

    canna boost and bid bud

    Just keep it simple. never mix nutrient lines. stay with canna, or advanced, their products are not interchangable. Boost will help the general health of the plants, yes, but it is expensive as heck (as I'm going to buy a bottle, mostly to keep the canna system I use complete)
  14. buffbuds

    16 1k lights 235 ebb&grow buckets! Lets get it on!!

    Shady, I must say, your recommended reading was very enlightening, thank you for offering that, I only ever knew to be between 40% and 60% humidity, I am glad to understand the underlying physics! You're a cool dude, I'll be following your posts :-) I guess there's a reason he thought my...
  15. buffbuds

    16 1k lights 235 ebb&grow buckets! Lets get it on!!

    (I don't know how the internet works anymore, just plants) I agree with everything from this post, though I obviously get to chime back in here to discuss this. I was taking into consideration that the clones were dieing from their condition, and noting that they looked more like a bad batch...
  16. buffbuds

    16 1k lights 235 ebb&grow buckets! Lets get it on!!

    another thing, you MUST flush this system every week, from the top of each bucket (after you empty the system to change nutrients) Your pH and eC are WAY different at the top of the system than at the feeding point, you need to fix that too!
  17. buffbuds

    16 1k lights 235 ebb&grow buckets! Lets get it on!!

    N lockout can occur when phosphorus is depleated during cloning (takes phosphorus from the leaves to form new roots). You are under nutrienting them. Give them a few waterings of 6.0-6.2 pH, 1.6-1.8 eC (800-900 ppm at .5 conversion, or 1020-1150 at .7 conversion, depends what meter you are...
  18. buffbuds

    CO Snowboarder & Skiers

    wooooooord. See you at the huts in Breck sometime I hope??
  19. buffbuds

    Tex in Denver for Thanksgiving!

    yeah dude, you're not getting that, in fact, this kind of post is not allowed. I can tell you this though, if you can establish state residency and then get a dr. appointment, you can go to dispensaries, and ask there.
  20. buffbuds

    Dont kill black snakes

    I see that's an outdoor set up with a well, right??
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