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  1. skunky nugz

    Seed Whore

    You lucky dog. I'd go crazy to just have a few of them seeds to play with.. Really want some stardawg, tresdawg or tres star dawg to play with. I love Sannie seeds, I believe Sannie is highly underrated, Everything I've grown of his was killer. ~Nugz
  2. skunky nugz

    S1N1ST3R's quest for some fat stinky greasy females to get down with

    How you liking the Plushberry? I'm running a pheno that looks similar, does it have a pungent lemon berry smell to it? I'm grabbing another pack till i find a pink pheno. I'm gonna do a SOG with it this next round on a 4x4 table. 9 plants. Gonna be my yielder strain for sure and has a really...
  3. skunky nugz

    TGA plushberry...

    I saw the Pink Lady I thought the same thing right away! Another pack! There's some keepers in there i sware. My pheno smells so much like lemon berrys its insane. Everyone loves it and on the exhale is the lemon berry smell/taste zing. I Wanna see a Pink Pheno in person though. :D
  4. skunky nugz

    TGA Subcool's Deep Purple & Agent Orange

    Sad i was lazy with my agent oranges and they ended up drying out and dying. I'mma have to pick up another 6pack of em. $45 at the dispencery for em.
  5. skunky nugz

    TGA plushberry...

    Your Plushberry looks killer! I seem to have a decent yielding lemon berry green pheno. I had to chop it at 6 weeks this time from seed but my next clones will do alot better, got a bad bottle of Kushie Kush and fed it to my Plushberry. Luckily only to the plushberry cause its the only kush im...
  6. skunky nugz

    The QB does the Bubba x OG

    Nice Buds, Bubba OG Sounds wonderfull! I'm sure ill grow some someday.. :D
  7. skunky nugz

    Get down in the Fire

    Loving you grow Mogrow. Keep it up. Fellow Basement Grower myself! Can't wait for this years outdoors. Got a bunch of AutoOG's I'm doing at a buddys backyard. Last year we did 3 and they were fire expecially for a auto strain. I was really surprised on potency and high. Yielded 2-3oz a plant. Up...
  8. skunky nugz

    Blue Moon (Local Pacific NW Nute Company Wa State)Cheap

    They use really good ingredients in there products in there organic line. And man my soil plants are loving them all. There Mega Root's would be used instead of Roots Excellerator and is cheap. Think i payed $20 for a quart 40 for a gal. That Blue Moon beer taste like shit i must say! I've...
  9. skunky nugz

    Exchange.. UC grow log pics in exchange for some help

    DM Zone is the shit. Especially if your running 5gal single site DWC buckets. When doing undercurrent style or any DWC type growing its so much easier going the DM Zone route with a sterile rez then risking it with bennies and your roots going to shit the last few weeks. But since I only use DM...
  10. skunky nugz

    Blue Moon (Local Pacific NW Nute Company Wa State)Cheap

    I'm pretty sure there not. I'm loving there ingredients and my soil plants are loving them. The Andromeda is hands down at least 2x as good as the Voodoo Juice from my experience and way way cheaper. Can't wait to try there new Product that they compare to Phosphoload. I know its like 1/2 the...
  11. skunky nugz

    Blue Moon (Local Pacific NW Nute Company Wa State)Cheap

    Forgot the Bloom
  12. skunky nugz

    Blue Moon (Local Pacific NW Nute Company Wa State)Cheap

    I first started off almost 5 years ago using there 2 part grow and 2 part bloom along with some nitrozyme folior spray with penatrator and got some of by biggest yields yet. They have now came out with a bunch of products. Most are listed on there website but not all of them yet. I have there...
  13. skunky nugz

    Time to grow somemore!!

    I'm along for the ride. Got two of them hoods for dirt cheap for my 2 400w male room.
  14. skunky nugz

    Skunky Nugz Grow N Breeding Lab 2012

    Here's a few of there labels. My soil plant next to my advanced nutrients lineup are kicking there ass. Blu Moon is a famous local recipe manufactured right here in Washington by Indoor Garden & Lighting. Original Dutch formula all purpose grow and bloom solutions. Created with only the purest...
  15. skunky nugz

    Skunky Nugz Grow N Breeding Lab 2012

    Thought everyone should check out blue moons products. They have a few new ones at there store. There Andromedia strain they claim to replace voodoo juice and kick its ass. There Mega roots is fucking wonderfull and cheap. They also have a new products that they say is similar to phosphoload but...
  16. skunky nugz

    Skunky Nugz Grow N Breeding Lab 2012

    Damn it just fixed my errors but the new 5min time to edit a post i think should me upped to like 10min. Gotta get used to this new forum stuff. Will be sure to have it looking nice next time.:D
  17. skunky nugz

    Skunky Nugz Grow N Breeding Lab 2012

    Well started my thread but the update lost my last 2 weeks of my grow log. Right now most my strains are in veg and in flower I have some Jilly Bean, Querkle, and Jack The Ripper all from subcool. The Jilly Bean was sourced from Tacoma where they sell his beans and supposedly its his pheno he...
  18. skunky nugz

    Back from Medical Leave!

    Glad to see ya back! 2012 is gonna be a good year for you bro! ~Nugz
  19. skunky nugz

    Sour Diesel- 2 Pheno's 800 Watt Mixed Spectrum Entire Grow

    Sounds like a good idea to me. I gave away a few hoods one that took 2 bulbs one that took 4 and i really didnt like them. Got better yields with a 1k adjustawing or magnum xxl's or even better the sunleaves king kobra 8in are my new favorite hoods. the hoods are cold to the touch and even the...
  20. skunky nugz

    Breeding DANK!!

    Breeding DANK!!
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