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  1. Slap

    Pulling From Whole Plant For Concentrate!

    If using alcohol method to pull from whole plant. Should I let it soak for a few days?
  2. Slap

    POTM Nominations - Dec 2020

    Post: Grower: @Sh311Sh0ck3d Strain: Bubble Gum
  3. Slap

    When does a strain become a “new” strain, and your own strain?

    Here, Here! I'd go with what he said!
  4. Slap

    I am wondering how I am doing

    When my plants were pointing straight up like you mentioned, I was told it was probably light stress. When they did that I put them in the shade, I grew outdoors. If that helps any.
  5. Slap

    Brain Octane Oil or MCT

    I'm planning on making a tincture for the first time? Anyone have any input on which is better to use Brain octane oil or M.C.T oil? Which brands are the best? There are so many!
  6. Slap

    New genetics in a de house

    This explains the drawing, of what my avatar looked like to you! Grasshopper!
  7. Slap

    New genetics in a de house

  8. Slap

    Comment by 'Slap' in article 'Is The Cannabis Market Ready For Lab-Grown Cannabinoids?'

    The love of growing! Making my own topical's with whole plant concentrates and Cbd isolate and essential oils is working great. Plus being outside or inside in the garden, is also therapeutic for stress, which causes health issues. I love science, but I'm on the growers side of the fence.
  9. Slap

    Curing buds with low RH in jars

    just put some lemon peel in there or a small piece of bread. Works better than the Bovida packs. Waste of money in my opinion. I returned the ones I bought. If Rh is that low there isn't any reason to burp.That is way to dry, my friend. Then again 65 RH is?borderline to dry for my taste. Good Luck!
  10. Slap

    CBD isolate in favorite lotion ?

    I got cha! It wouldn't decarb in the lotion!?
  11. Slap

    CBD isolate in favorite lotion ?

    On website it says you can add it to your drinks make oil, put it under your tongue. etc. So that would most likely be decarbed!? my guess!
  12. Slap

    CBD isolate in favorite lotion ?

    I'm not sure I thought all crystal type?powder form was?already decarboxylated.
  13. Slap

    CBD isolate in favorite lotion ?

    ok all the recipes talked about heating it up with oils. dont know if it will dissolve in my lotion without heating up
  14. Slap

    CBD isolate in favorite lotion ?

    I have an isolate powder
  15. Slap

    CBD isolate in favorite lotion ?

    Hello, I have been reading up on making my own cbd isolate infused lotion. My question is.... Instead of starting by scratch, may I use my hemp based lotion I love? Also will I need to or can I heat lotion up a bit and add the isolate to it. Or do I have to infuse the isolate to make an oil...
  16. Slap

    Why I trim dry now. Don't believe the hype

    Hung mine after dipping roots in water to remove most of the dirt, roots and all, to help it dry slower, because of temps.
  17. Slap

    Ideal Environment To Hang Dry?

    It can be at any where from 58RH to 62RH, it's a preference and or type of strain. Boveda packs work good after drying is done, if issues where it's stored. I believe I spelled Boveda correctly.
  18. Slap

    Patience, Patience, 60 days is a while - Read before you ask

    I have resorted to going through the forums and articles or discuss situations with a seasoned grower who is kind and patient with helping. Google and some replies on threads are all over the place and might not fit your specific grow. Make an educated guess and learn. You are correct about...
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