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  1. MrBelvedere

    AC/DC 1:20 THC:CBD (clone-only) - looking for specific growth charactistics

    You can change your light to 12/12 whenever you want. When you do it is totally up to you... if they are 2 to 3 feet tall it would be a fine time to change them to 12/12. good luck
  2. MrBelvedere

    Reggae Fans

  3. MrBelvedere

    Reggae Fans

    anywayz if you like turnin out latinas ad infinitum suggest bumping this
  4. MrBelvedere

    Waterproof Led Light Strips Rgb And Whites

    Have those lighting a countertop, not really bright enough to grow anything other than maybe starting seeds or rooting clones...
  5. MrBelvedere

    Bubba's Greenhouse

    looking great man... nice buck- looks like he is ready for you to feed him some garden salad. :) Check out the Santa Fe dehumidifiers, they never die and have a NPT pipe thread to easily get rid of the water.... whenver I get something that breaks fa$t go to the store, buy a new one... save...
  6. MrBelvedere

    Reggae Fans

    The Dead only played "stir it up" three times over 3X years, by chance I was at all three shows. This show in Hampton, VA is the only time they sang the words. They never completed the whole song, I think Jerry was just messing with the other band mates by starting the stir it up riff to catch...
  7. MrBelvedere

    Reggae Fans

    thanks man these all ones you put in dropbox sound like soundboard quality to me, or a good taper with really good Nakamichi microphones! does it say on your source if they are SBD or AUDience? They sound fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I am always looking for old concert reggae on...
  8. MrBelvedere

    Reggae Fans

    damn nice thx geo
  9. MrBelvedere

    Broad Mite Control

    Don't worry they won't start eating your buds. You should call the professional again and describe your temperature and humidity ranges so they can understand your grow and keep you stocked correctly at a maintenance level according to your environment. And hopefully he can advise you on...
  10. MrBelvedere

    Broad Mite Control

    Right on, it is mind boggling how many people don't listen to the advice to order fresh predators on a recurring basis... ! It is so muchhhh easier than all the other crazy band-aid treatments that don't work...
  11. MrBelvedere

    Sport Hunting

  12. MrBelvedere

    Apache At600 Heat Issues

    cool :) good to know, that qube is expensive! you don't need to build anything really. Can you just hang the apache from the ceiling? Is there an attic above the ceiling? Or a bathroom connected? You could use your vortex fan(s) to pull the hot air out of top of room and into the office. The let...
  13. MrBelvedere

    Apache At600 Heat Issues

    It seems like the only option is to get rid of the tent and just use the whole room. And return the tent for being defective. Any light is going to generate a lot of heat. Plus you can have more room in a full room than a tent.
  14. MrBelvedere

    What's The Best Ceiling Height De

    As long as the tops of the plant don't get closer than 4 feet to the bulb, a 1000 DE will be fine anywhere (as long as your room stays cool). So if you have a 8 or 9 foot ceiling your plants would have to be on the floor and flipped when they are short so they don't grow too tall and get too...
  15. MrBelvedere

    Mars Hydro Led Grow Light Family

    Good grief your leds are gettin it. Crazy bright. That there is industrial grade. props man
  16. MrBelvedere

    Happy Birthday Brent Mydland

    firing on all cylinders
  17. MrBelvedere

    Tnelz thread about whatever!

    whats up cannapits, nice to see you back. Hope all is well...
  18. MrBelvedere

    Sport Hunting

    How do you feed those babies? All natural? Is Dervish your creation? beauties
  19. MrBelvedere

    Old And Tired. Looking For Nice Place To Call Home

    nice... how did you like NL?
  20. MrBelvedere

    Converting One Bed Room Into Grow

    sure... the good things about a mini split is that it will run even in the winter and cool the room. Traditional AC cannot cool in winter. Mitsubishi is very reliable. If the room is sealed you won't need any exhaust at all, the room will be airtight. As the plants get bigger they will consume...
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