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  1. detroitjoe

    BBW GG4

    10 gall From clone 3 month veg Soil : promix / compost Tap water I gotta get this big bitch outside!
  2. detroitjoe

    Original Glue gg4

    These meds vegged for 8 weeks from seed, flowered @ 9 1/2 weeks. Dried @ 8 days, cured in glass for 6 weeks. It's an easy strain to grow, high yielding. Very loud aroma with incredible effects.
  3. detroitjoe


    Light schedule is on point. She is the only specimen to have configuration of this nature. She's from the Cinderella line.
  4. detroitjoe

    Corona virus and Marijuana

    So... Touchy subject here... How are producers ( from the personal grower to the commerical grower) dealing with future harvests?
  5. detroitjoe

    I'm proud! His nuts get bigger everyday!

    I picked up his ancestors off the highway 10 years ago while I was in mid Asia. His past generations were pure blood ; if that's what you want to call it. It's time I let one bust his nuts all over my virgins - of various commercial lines.
  6. detroitjoe

    DETROIT says F* YOu ..again

    Now we have to wait till the spring... Detroit bans recreational till spring 2020
  7. detroitjoe

    fortune cookie

    These 2 are fortune cookie clones. They share the same environment with many other species. Other species are doing very well. Ph is good Organic soil mix 1200 watts/magnetic Day,78-84 degrees Night 76- 81 degrees She's a strong bushy bitch. Her sister ; growing identical, same symptoms...
  8. detroitjoe

    GG4 - 6 weeks flower * porn *

    these were some personals i kinda neglected. i didnt have the time to groom them like i wanted. nothing but good ole detroit water. 3000 watts. about 2 and 1/2 gallon containers 6 weeks in from switch. 1st generation clones - 6 weeks veg. what ya think about my harem??
  9. detroitjoe

    what strain is this?

    same .. or different ? 🤡
  10. detroitjoe

    The Miracles Of Banana

    so i have some girls 30 days into flower and i want to give them a boost. i take a bunch of banannas and add alittle molases..and REAL HONEY and i cook it.
  11. detroitjoe

    Cold Water Extraction * Very Simple *

    In a bowl or bucket, grab as much leaves as you like and soak them in cold water. Leaves. Just plain ole veg a bowl with some ice and water. Soak for as long as you like but the water must stay cold; atleast 34 degrees. ill keep updating the thread as i continue with the process
  12. detroitjoe

    Hello World

    hello to everyone. Joe from detroit michigan usa.
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